Monday, March 7, 2016

Zone Training, Bad Weather, Lucille and Hairless Cats!


Tuesday we drove to Birmingham for MLC. It was a super good! But on the way home, during rush hour traffic, we drove into some bad weather...super dark skies, and then an on slot of pounding rain. It finally cleared up but we looked to our left and saw a green sky...a bad sign of tornadoes. Apparently tornado sirens went off not long after we left the area! But we drove fine and arrived home safe.

We have been meeting with a lady named Lucille and she is so sweet! We love her. She loves this Gospel and loves learning what we have to teach. She is the most faithful person! We have loved teaching her in different member's home this past week.

Friday we had Zone Training and relayed everything we learned from MLC! Zone training was concise, which we were all happy about. We have a great zone! Immediately following that, we went on a blitz with the Florence sisters. It went really well and we stopped by the "FAME" recording studio right quick to take a picture, something Sister Patten has been wanting to do. :)

Today we had a fun brunch at a member's home! They are so sweet to us! After emailing we probably will go play some basketball! Hope everyone's day is going well!

Sending prayers from Alabama,
Sister Griffith

Got $3 glasses at Walmart :)

Super dark weather while passing through Birmingham

Sweet Lucille and us!

Fun role plays at zone training

More zone training fun!

Zone Training!

At the famous "FAME" recording studio in Muscle Shoals, AL

A HAIRLESS CAT WE MET LAST WEEK. STRANGEST THING OF MY LIFE (sorry I couldn't get a good picture, my camera was being weird and the cat didn't want to hold still obviously)

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