Thursday, October 24, 2013

What I've done recently!

Now that I've officially bored all of you with my last post, here is a more exciting one...all about what I've done recently! (And, I take it, you realize that along with going to these new places: I've also "recently" worked  my butt off planning and teaching. But enough of that. Enjoy the pictures.)

Catherine's Palace
I was feeling particularly great that day, two weekends ago. The Fall leaves were all on fire. The gardens there were more "un-kept" than other places I've seen. More nature-like, which I really enjoyed. The palace itself was beautiful as well. We unfortunately found out that the whole of it wasn't open to the public. But the part that we did go through was awesome, especially the magnificent ballroom we first went in.

We stumbled upon this palace while looking
for Catherine's palace

Russians know how to put autumn leaves to good use.
Everyone was making these leaf hats!

Having fun with the leaves
A gate at Catherine's Palace

Anyone who is cool had a leaf hat

Posing in front of Catherine's palace
On the main staircase

The beautiful ballroom - my favorite room there

The Hermitage

I finally got to the Hermitage two Sundays ago. It took over an hour waiting in line before we finally got in, out of the cold. I was surprised to find that the Hermitage (a museum) had a lot more than just Russian culture in it. I actually saw more artifacts/displays that were from ancient Egypt, Rome, ect., than actual Russian displays. Of course we only skimmed the surface...that place is huge! I didn't take a ton of pictures, but here is what I did take.

A blocked-off staircase I desperately wanted to climb

A special clock built in the 1700's for Winter Palace (Winter
Palace is connected/part of the Hermitage)

Peter Paul Cathedral
We've been to the Peter Paul Fortress before, but we didn't have the chance to go inside the cathedral. We finally did that this past weekend! It was pretty; although not as pretty as others I have seen (my favorite cathedral is Saint Isaac's.) Along with the cathedral, we also toured in a creepy historic prison. I didn't take any pictures of it (yes, partly due to laziness...), but take my word for it: it was no palace! ;)

It rained, hailed, and snowed that day. Here we are enjoying snow flurries, on the
grounds in the fortress, posing with a creepy-photo-bombing statue. ;)

Peter Paul Cathedral


Anyway! On a different note, here is a poem I wrote this past week!
"Trees are on fire, boots & scarves aplenty. Enjoying crisp mornings, but footsteps: far too many. Oh to be "roos-kiy", this is a life I love; my time here was deemed valuable from someone up above. Touring palaces by day and playing "Scum" by night, cautiously waiting for when the cold weather comes to bite. Ah, it is here, I saw Russian snow today. And while munching on my candy corn, I'm happily remarking that that is okay."

Here I am today, all dressed up...and almost a little too warm
with leggings under my jeans, warm socks, a good jacket,
scarf, and knitted hat (thanks again to the person 
who made it! You know who you are;)

Hope everyone's Thursday is going well.


  1. Dear Maegan: Loved your post. The palace you stumbled upon before Catherine's Palace belonged to whom? It was really pretty. The trees here in St. George is becoming very colorful. I love this time of the year. From your past posts I gathered that deyedooshka means grandpa and babushka means grandma. What is the Russian words for baby, girl, and boy? When you have some real break through in class with the kids, tell us about them. Grandma Rogers

  2. I can't remember who the first palace belonged to! Some Russian man! haha You are right about "grandma" and "grandpa." Girl is "Dyevooshka", boy is "Malcheek", and I don't know the word for baby! To say kids is "dee-tee." Progress with the kids in class is slow but good. It is awesome when they remember words and phrases.

    1. Maegan: I just heard on the Fox News that Sylvester Stylone (spelling?) the movie actor is in St. Petersburg, Russia. Big Whoop, don't get too excited. Have you seen their newspapers or any magazines? Of course, I realize you couldn't read them yet. Love, Grandma Rogers.