Thursday, July 10, 2014


I won't deny that I've procrastinated. But the time has finally come to pack. I am a lot less stressed and more laid-back compared to when I was preparing for Russia, I wonder if it's just because of experience?

I haven't done a lot of packing, but I have been busy. I've read thru my head teacher manual, been writing out and preparing documents, and fulfilling other responsibilities that I have as a head teacher. I also went to four days of training the last week of June, and that went good! I was able to meet some of the girls in my group, which was exciting.

Half of my group is coming early, and the other half will come in August. For us going early, we will be flying out of the U.S. on July 15, 2014, and arrive in Southern China on July 17, 2014. I am so lucky this time because my flight departs at 7pm, which is a big difference from the 6am flight I had last time!

On a side note, I'm sorry to say that there was a glitch on my blog and unfortunately all of my pictures from my Russia posts have been removed. It would take too much time to add them in again, so I will leave it be. But there will be plenty of pictures from my posts in China.

Talking about China, my next post will be when I'm there!

Talk to you all soon,

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