Monday, August 18, 2014

Sun Yatsen Park, the market, and family photos

Across the street from our kindergarten, there is a really cool looking area with lots of stairs and a statue. We decided to finally pay a visit and check the place out, and were pleasantly surprised that it was actually quite a large park! The Sun Yatsen park, named after a revolutionary Chinese leader.

It was our luck to have it start raining right as we entered the park, but nonetheless we enjoyed being able to explore this beautiful area. First we climbed up a bunch of stairs and walked around the huge statue of Dr. Sun Yatsen. Then we walked through a big grassy area, and climbed more stairs to really cool paths intertwined with lots of trees. It was adventure-time and we walked thru some small "caves" and then we climbed to a pagoda. :) Here, of course, are some pics!

Entering the park

Looking up

View of the city

Allie heading towards the grassy area


Exploring the jungle

The pagoda

Our group!
After seeing this park, we hopped on the bus and went to a market. On normal days it's just a regular market, but on "lunar" days it turns into the Lunar Market (a.k.a., a little more spectacular.) When we went it wasn't a lunar day--we just wanted to check it out, and know exactly what it is/how to get there.
It was an interesting place with lots of vendors and tent-shops. You could buy anything from rugs, to pots, to clothing. We passed by one place that had turtles and exotic fish that I've never seen before. Another place had birds.....birds, birds, birds, everywhere (it smelled great.) Then we passed by one alley which stuck out in a peculiar way. Let's call it, "Meat alley."
-- graphic content;) --

It was probably one of the most unsanitary places I've ever been. There were long tables of people chopping up meat. Above dangling warehouse-style lights, a guy pulled a big fish out of a tank and chopped it up right in front of you. I stood there watching the fish's heart still pumping, as its head sat a few feet away. Look to the other side and you'll see a woman skinning a duck, bowls of blood at her side. There was a wall of chickens locked up in cages, awaiting their turn. Fish, ducks, chickens, cow, pig...all of it available for purchase, and fresh too!

When we talked with our coordinator Brina about this, she was kind of shocked and thought it was gross! Maybe "meat alley" is more unique than we originally thought, a.k.a, not all meat is prepared this way in China. We can only hope!

On a happier note, we finally got around to buying supplies for our pet goldfish, Space Cowboy. When we went to the Guangzhou zoo, Allie went fishing for goldfish. We came home with about 9 and during the space of two days all but one, shockingly, survived...Space Cowboy, the miracle fish. For the past two weeks, he's been living in a small, empty tank and surviving on the only thing we could find for him to eat: spinach and zucchini slices. Finally we were able to find a place that sold fish supplies. Allie and I bought him brightly colored rocks, three plastic plants, and some real fish food! He is now living a life of luxury---a life he's never known.

On another good note, our group decided that we want to do "family" photos every month on the 15th (since we left for China on July 15.) If any of you are familiar with "awkward family photos", we have made that a goal to be a reoccurring theme. This month, our style was 90's jean fashion and 70's split-down-the-middle hair. We had fun dressing up and posing. :) Below is my favorite snapshot.

Shiqi family, August 2014
Hope everyone is doing well! Can't believe it's almost September.

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  1. Dear Maegan: Everything is so green and lush. When you came to the park, did you stay on the paths or did you walk through the grass and bushes? Does China have ticks and chiggers like the mid-western United States in the summer time? Don't know if you have ever had experience with them, you get them walking through tall green grass and shrubbery. The chigger bites hurt and itch for days. Don't have too much fun! September is coming soon. Are you looking for a change in weather, perhaps cooler weather and less humidity? Love Grandma Rogers