Friday, December 12, 2014

The Munchkins

The day finally came when I realized that I had completely slacked off in taking pictures of the kids and, as my mom has pointed out to me before, sharing them on here! These pictures are from the past two days, which actually were our last days at the school. Hope you enjoy seeing these Chinese munchkins, the kids we came for, the ones we taught everyday from 9-12.

  Tara and Judy, Senior class

Shalee teaching PreK class

  Benson and Sam from PreK

 Jayden, Junior class

 Andre, Junior class

 Jack, Junior class 

 Lizzy, Junior class

 Coco and Candy, Intermediate class

Clara and I

 I feel the love, Allie.

 Taylor and I (plus a photo-bombing Shalee.) 
Taylor has been accepted to be a HT with ILP, and wants to go to Russia!

 Serena and I, one of my favorite coordinators and our Chinese teacher.

Thursday was just like any other day at school, but (our last day) was a different story. We didn't have classes, we had a farewell party and played with the kids. The girls (but not me) were emotional leaving their kids, and it was especially hard for them (but not me) when the kids started crying! It was also hard for them (but not me) saying goodbye to some of our coordinators, and knowing we probably won't ever see them again! We do have the chance to go back to visit the school, but I'm tossing the idea around because we'll have to say goodbyes all over again!  Also, someone (who won't be named) is particularly getting depressed that her roommate (who has blonde hair and name starts with A) is leaving early... actually, at 8AM.   She'll miss her. This person also doesn't know what she'll do on the bus to Guangzhou (it's gonna be one heck of a cry fest), because China is awesome and she loves China and she's gonna miss the Pear juice she buys at the Kaiyin market.

Okay, I'll admit it, this person is me. But thus is life, moving on into new chapters. I'm beyond excited to get home. Who knows where life will take me. The ride has been a great one so far, I've seen some pretty darn amazing things. I do know that I'll be heading to Alabama for 18 months, serving the people there on an LDS mission. After that, who knows? But I'd like to thank everyone who has given me support. You guys have followed me through Russia, China, and continue to support me in my endeavors. So thank you!!

I'll do another post soon!

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  1. Dear Maegan: I notice that many of the children have American names. Is this a common occurance? This time your girls just taught at one school; I remember in Russia you taught in a couple of different schools didn't you? The more pictures the better. Love, Grandma Rogers