Friday, July 17, 2015

Transferred to Wetumpka!

Hey everyone, 

I've been transferred to Wetumpka, AL! My new companion is Sister Olsen. She's nice and is a great missionary :) We were "white washed", which means that both of us are new to the area. That also means that we have to start from scratch with everything! But it's been great. We've got our bearings of the city and have a good idea of where things are at (although the help of a GPS is nice too.) Wetumpka is pretty small but there's lots of missionary opportunities and I'm sure my time here, for however long, will show some success! 

There is a cute historical downtown here that feels like you're stepping into the past, it's really fun. And there's a big river and a famous bridge that runs through the center of town. It's all beautiful. :) Although AL is known for their spiders, and two nights ago we were walking our bikes across the bridge and it was pretty narrow walkway.. we noticed after shining our bike lights, from one end of the bridge to the other, the railing was lined with thousands of spiderwebs and spiders. You can only imagine how we felt walking the distance of the bridge, crammed in that little walkway next to them. 

I have experienced more tender moments as of late. There's two that really stuck out to me in the past week, and I'll try to keep them short. The first one was while I was in Tuscaloosa. Sister Hall and I were walking around the park, and we noticed a man under a pavilion. We walked over to him and asked how he was doing. He told us he was having a really hard day. We told him that we were the Christian missionaries, and asked if he wanted to say a prayer. He agreed. We talked for a few more minutes though, and came to found out that his name was Alan, and that he has been going through some trials, has been depressed, and had just prayed to God to send some comfort or light in his life. Two minutes later, we showed up. We read a couple scriptures with him and said a prayer. He thanked us, said we didn't know how much we helped him that day, and also said that he thinks we were an answer to his prayer.

The second experience was here in Wetumpka. I was on a blitz, or exchange, with another Sister. We went to Walmart, and of course we prayed before we went into the store. I said the prayer, and I asked God to let us comfort someone who might need a hug. After the prayer, we jumped out of the car, and I didn't think twice about it. Around 15-20 mins after being in the store, we started talking to a lady who was in the candle section, sniffing the different candle scents. Her name was Edna. We asked her if she knew anyone who could use a prayer. She said that we could pray for her, because her son just passed away. We told her that we could pray right then, so we did. We could tell it helped her, because after the prayer she had tears in her eyes. Another shopper also came up to us after the prayer, gave us a hug, and said, "I could just feel the Holy Spirit over here!" and then gave some encouraging words to me and the other Sister. 

I love the South! God is so good! He answers prayers and is very aware of us! I love seeing these small miracles! They aren't coincidences. It's such a blessing to be on a mission and be an instrument in God's hands! 

For pictures this week, I decided to have a theme. "All things Southern"

Hope y'all like it! Have a great week, and take time to ponder the miracles in your own lives.

Love, Sister Griffith

You would not see this type of sign in Utah.

 Beautiful churches on every corner (this is a Presbyterian church in Wetumpka)

 Big, beautiful wreaths 

Giant grasshopper!

Only in the South would you have Christian yoga!

 Downtown Wetumpka

 Pretty flowers on Main Street

Only in the South... 

 Once again, only in the South... :)

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