Monday, November 18, 2013


1 month left. Can someone explain to me what happened? Where did the time go?

I know I'm going to be sad leaving this place. I've had an awesome time. But, I am so anxious to see my family (and my anxiousness is growing, I believe, as my time is winding down here)! I am so looking forward to the time when I come out of baggage claim at the airport, and meet up with my parents. And not to mention, tackle and hug and kiss my siblings!

Here is a list of things I'm excited to come back to at home.

1. Obviously, as mentioned above, my family (and, a.k.a., playing with Wyatt; cuddling/talking with my sisters; watching movies, ect.)
2. More fresh fruits and veggies (I've been living on a diet of mostly meat and potatoes, with the occasional bell pepper or pickle)
3. Drinkable tap water (no filters or having to boil? What is that sorcery?)
4. My car (I haven't driven since August. Hope I haven't forgotten how.)
5. A room with my personal belongings (i.e., that reflects my personality. Not that I don't love the huge Russian rug hanging on my wall here)
6. A variety of clothes (you can only wear the same shirts so many times before you start hating them)
7. Mountains (I'm not in Kansas, but it feels close to it compared with home.)
8. Earning money (not that I haven't enjoyed being here and blowing away all my money on vacation!:)
9. Being able to fully communicate with anyone I want to talk to (although, I have gotten pretty darn good at charades now. Watch out, kids)
10. My mom's cooking (nothing tastes better than a meal made with love)

Things I'm going to miss from here:
1. The chance to go out and see new, awesome things (the architecture; palaces; parks; museums; ect.)
2. No chores (hehehe. Only have to do laundry and pick up after myself)
3. My kids (they are all adorable)
4. The metro (while it can be annoyingly busy in the morning and you feel like you are in a herd of wild animals, it can still be fun)
5. Whether feeling tired, lazy, or whatever the case may be, I am forced to walk everywhere. And it's been great. (I'm quite proud to announce that I'm a professional walker now)
6. My host family and grandparents (they have both quenched my hunger and sheltered me from the stormy nights without ceasing) (Really though, they have been very kind. And my host grandpa is just hilarious)

Anyway. :)

Yesterday two other girls and I went and found a Buddhist temple. Random, I know. And we just so happened to show up right before a service started (awesome, I know.) The Buddhist, monk guys were singing/chanting, and people around us were praying. The music was cool & foreign, the drums were loud; the room was colorful. And let me tell you - I did not feel like I was in Russia!

Next weekend I have not one, but two ballets I will be attending! The first one in "Swan Lake", which all of us girls bought tickets to. The second, "The Nutcracker", we got free tickets to (from a students mom)! I'm excited.

For the rest of our time here, us girls have made a list of things we want to do. Ice skating, museums, and churches are all on the agenda. :)

Well, by this time in 1 month I will be on a plane, heading home. See you all soon!

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  1. That means we've only got a month to get ready for you to be back!!! We've got the count down going on here too!!