Sunday, October 26, 2014


Halloween is a big deal here! Well, at least at our school. For the past month we have been planning and preparing for Halloween. Every class has two songs or dances to perform, the entire school is decked out with spooky decorations (some of which we made), we will have a haunted house, and us teachers have a dance to perform.

Two of the girls put our dance together and we've been practicing as much as we can. Our dance is way fun, and we decided to all dress up like creepy dolls for it! Last night was our big debut as we performed at the Bo Ju school, a new ILP school that is starting up next semester. We also participated in the program they had there and helped with games.

This Friday we will have the big Halloween party at our school, Bond Kindergarten. That is when all of our kids will do their skits and we'll do our dance, everyone will be dressed up, and there will be trick-or-treating and a haunted house. I'm serious when I say they go all out for Halloween!

As October is coming to a close, I'm more and more shocked at how fast time has gone; and I'm realizing how little time we have left. Let's look at the facts:

- I arrived in July. It's now the end of October.

- We only have one more full month of teaching (that's crazy!)

- November will go by super fast because we have two different vacations.

- Our time in December will consist of two weeks of teaching, and then preparing to go home.

What happened to this semester?! I'm NOT ready to leave China! And yet, at the same time, I am so excited to go home. My family, my boyfriend, Mexican food, Christmas, and new adventures await me. :)

"New adventures?" One might ask. "What do you mean by that?" For those who haven't heard, I got my mission call to the Birmingham, Alabama mission! I will leave February 18, 2015. :) I know this is the right direction for me to take in life right now, and I am very excited! So yes, next year I will head on over to the South for 18 months. But no matter where I go, China will always have a piece of my heart.

A group picture at the Bo Ju school party

October Shiqi family photo


  1. Dear Maegan: This is very surprising to me, but don't they have ancient Chinese dances and theater where their faces are heavily painted? Did they pick this up from America? Do other countries have Halloween? Do they call it Halloween? or some other name? I am full of questions. Love your blogs and pictures. Grandma Rogers.

    1. I haven't been to any Chinese performances, so I don't quite know! But I'm sure they do.

      I think China has slowly picked up the idea of Halloween from America. I've seen some Halloween costumes at a store. Our school is really into it, I think because it's a big holiday in the US. :)