Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This is what makes you feel alive

It's the bustling craziness of West Street, with lights and lasers gleaming in the haze. And it's the air you catch as your speeding down a rapid, fear and thrill battling inside of you, as a wave of water crashes over your face. This is what makes you feel alive.

It's riding a bike through gorgeous countryside, mountains popping up from the tropical expanse. And it's the quiet time on the train, where you feel distant from every familiarity you know. This is what makes you feel alive.

It's the view of the tremendously magnificent mountains, when you make your way up in the cable car. And it's the crisp and deliciously cold air that fills your lungs, as you lean against the rail on the side of a cliff. This what makes you feel alive.

It's the ache of your muscles, as you climb too many stairs. And it's the shocking view of the landscape below, landscape in which you wonder how it could ever exist. These are the things that make you feel alive. They strike at that moment and take your breath away, losing sense of reality, leaving you to be absorbed into the scene before you. What a beautiful thing.

 Zhangjiajie - Tianmen mountains

Zhangjiajie - Tianzi mountains 



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