Monday, March 16, 2015

"Oh, it's just firecrackers...."

It's been a good week. It's full of ups and downs. Missionary work is hard, and it definitely tests your faith, and your energy. But my companion Sister Bailey, is awesome. We laugh all the time about everything, which is great, because you can't be serious all the time!

We've spent almost everyday this week either eating lunch or dinner with members. It's really nice to be in the atmosphere of a home. Most of the families are young, with little kids, and are absolutely adorable (life goals!) The members here are very active in missionary work, and help us out a ton. And us missionaries greatly appreciate it! So my challenge for all of you is to, sometime this week or next week, help out your local missionaries. Go on a Team-Up with them, or have them over for dinner. :)
So we live very close to train tracks. Which means that I hear a train whistle everyday, several times a day! Luckily they usually don't come thru at night, but if they do I don't hear them. Sister Bailey told me that one day she and her previous companion were riding bikes and they couldn't cross the street/tracks because the train was coming. She said when i came by it was super loud, and I thought that'd be super cool to see (and I'm sure Dad would appreciate it too!)
A few days ago, the Elders gave us a referral. We went to the house and met a lady and her 20 year old son. It was nice visiting with them, but in the middle of our conversation, all of the sudden gun shots go off. It freaked me out because when we first arrived and walked across the street, I could see thugs hanging around outside, and who knows what could happen. But the shots kept going off, and it turns out they were firecrackers!! Nonetheless, my heart was pounding so hard! I tried to appear calm and collected (because as it happened the mom lifted the blinds and calmly said, "oh, just firecrackers", and went back to talking) but it took a little while for my heart rate to return to normal!
Last night, we went to visit a Nursing home. I had the idea last week to go, and we finally got around to do it (one of our investigators works there, and gave us the address.) I wanted to do something that would mix up our regular routine of contacting and tracting. We aren't going in there to convert people, but we are going there like Christ would and visiting those people who are sick and lonely. We talked with a few people, but we got to know two cute old ladies pretty well. Their names are Clara and Ms. Fowler. They were just adorable. Clara talked about how she moved to AL in 1966, and she was here during riots and all that crazy stuff. It was fun to talk with them, and we'll go back soon. :)
During one of our lessons with an investigator, she asked where God came from, and so forth. That's something that has been on my mind in the past, and the answer that I came up with at that time was that it was something I would find out later. But as she asked that, something came to my mind. I realized that we've been given is what we need now...for our eternal progression. The answers and guidance that we need in this life is in the scriptures. It's something that it relevant to us and our progress here. And questions like that, about where God came from, we will be answered in due time.
Today my Jodi and the boys took Sister Bailey and I out to lunch!! It was the best! I was so excited to see them, and it totally made my day. So thanks Simpers!!
Love you all,
Sister Griffith

Pics from this week:

 Out tracting!  

Ms. Fowler, me, and Clara

The Simpers and I! (this is my Aunt Jodi, and cousins Alex, Aidan and Connor!)

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