Monday, June 15, 2015

Neglected puppies, a lemonade stand, and a guy asking for my number. :)

Hey y'all!

This week has been full of more adventures! But before I get into that, I'd like to invite each of y'all to read a really awesome talk from "Remember Lot's Wife" It's a goodie!

We spent more time tracting in Holt this past week, which is where our crazy almost-dog attack happened a couple weeks ago. We almost had another similar incident this week! We went up these steps to a property, and once we got up the steps we approached a man, and his Rottweiler charged for us....who fortunately was chained up and therefore couldn't reach us! Dogs might be the end of me out here! The same day, we had pity on some other dogs though. We went to knock on a trailer door, and attached to the trailer was a little porch on which were two adorable puppies. They were too small to get off the porch, and it was very evident that they weren't cared for and were stuck up there (and couldn't go to the bathroom anywhere else...) They looked skinny, and didn't have any food or water out. We poured some of our water into a bowl that was there, and wrote down the address so we could later call Animal Control! Hopefully they'll be taken care of.

Right after meeting those puppies, we went and knocked on another door. We met a guy who is a student at UA. He asked us if we use cell phones and we explained that yes we do, we're not Amish! We had a little conversation, and at the end of it he asked if it would be appropriate for him to get our numbers.....I then realized why he asked if we used cell phones to begin with. Oh goodness. Sorry mister, I'm a Sister (and currently taken anyhoo:)!!

Lately Sister Hall and I have tried to be really creative in meeting new people. Tracting is great, but you have to add in some variety sometimes! We've had a lemonade stand, a Book of Mormon stand, and the chalk lessons I told y'all about. This week we're going to have another lemonade stand, as well as free fingernail painting :)

Today we got to go on a hike! Our friend Gaya took us to a place called Harris Lake and we enjoyed some sunshine. There were lots of critters to be seen......spiders (and webs you keep running into...), a wild turkey, fish, and a snake. There are also so many bugs here! The bugs are worse here than in China (which has a similar climate of hot humidity)! Bugs especially seem to like my blood and I get bit quite often, so bug spray is of common use. Nonetheless, we had a great time spending time out in nature and doing something different for P day.

I hope life is going well and I'll be praying for y'all :)

Have a blessed day (a common southern term),

Sister Griffith

Our lemonade stand :)

Bh ate what?

You know you're in the South when...

 Painting at a member's home

Where's Sister Griffith? - The lush forests of Alabama

My mom spoils me:)

Meet real-live Mormons! :)

 The Church is true, the Book is blue

We were driving down the road and discovered this treasure...a bishop of a local church
sells watermelons out of his truck, and blesses each one before selling it
(if y'all haven't seen the video "Pre-blessed food" on Youtube,
you should do that now.) I love the South.

Hiking today with a friend :)

Hiking today with a friend :)

Hiking today with our friend, Gaya.  :)

Green, green, green 

More Green, green, green 

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