Monday, September 21, 2015

May We Teach You?

Hey everybody, this week has been a busy one. I'll give a brief summary of each our day, but also, just for fun, the numbers of doors we knocked, and our MWTY count ("May We Teach You" = asking people if they want to meet with us or giving our number to them). Keep in mind that some MWTY's were from contacting at stores, and so the ratio between that and tracting will differ.

9-14-15, Monday: After emailing, we went to Fort Toulouse here in Wetumpka. We had a picnic and then explored the grounds which was really fun. They had an American & French fort, as well has an indian village & mound. Sometime in November they do history reenactments and such. Then we went tracting!

Doors knocked: 10
MWTY: 9 

9-15-15, Tuesday: Had a lesson with an investigator, but also did lots of tracting and then store contacting that night.

Doors knocked: 22
MWTY: 19

9-16-15, Wednesday: We had District Meeting in the morning, and I guess it was also Mexican Independence Day, so of course our meeting was mexican themed. Our district leader asked people to bring food, and we had fake mustaches, and so it turned out like a party than anything else! After that we had quite a few lessons with people.

Doors knocked: 0

9-17-15, Thursday: We did lots of tracting in the morning, had lunch with a member, weekly planned, had two lessons with investigators, contacted some referrals, and finished weekly planning.

Doors knocked: 26
MWTY: 13

9-18-15, Friday: We met with an investigator in the morning, went tracting, and visited three less-actives.

Doors knocked: 19

9-19-15, Saturday: We had some appts cancel on us, so we devoted this whole day to finding. We did lots of tracting during the day and contacting at night. We were determined to reach our goals! A few days later, I had sore muscles because the area we tracted in this day was a rich neighborhood, and everyone has ridiculously long and steep driveways.

Doors knocked: 35
MWTY: 35

9-20-15, Sunday: We had ward council at 7:45am, then church (it was the Primary Program!), visiting a less-active, tracting, an appt with a member, tracting, and another appt with a member.

Doors knocked: 14
MWTY: 13

Overall, it's been a great week. We are seeing some fruits of our labor, and I hope that we can continue going strong in the work! Although we do have transfer calls this upcoming Saturday, with transfers the Wednesday after that, and so Sister Pyrah and I may or may not be together this next transfer. If I could, I'd stay another in Wetumpka. :)

Sending prayers your way,
Sister Griffith

The American fort

Some trees here in AL have pretty Spanish moss flowing from them.

Viewpoint of the Coosa river

Me by one of the Indian hut replicas :)

A pretty walking trail

A spider web...these are everywhere here!!

Hey y'all!  I've been out for seven months!  
Eleven to go!  :)

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