Monday, September 14, 2015

September Temple Trip & More!

Good afternoon y'all,

We've had a good week, including being able to go to the Gardendale (Birmingham) temple! After our wonderful session we drove into Birmingham and met the other sisters at Jason's Deli to have lunch at. It was in this cute mall complex and was fun to go to (except it started down pouring while we were in there!) That same day, we went on exchanges with the STL's, and I spent the night in Millbrooke, AL. It was Sister Pyrah's first exchange and it went really well. Other than this, our week has been fairly normal, and we've been enjoying the exceptional weather we've been getting lately!

I also thought I'd share a piece that I wrote yesterday. Hope you enjoy it!

Hugs and love,
Sister Griffith

Rolled across the towering waves,
One calls out, "Peace, be still."
Calming the tempest rage,
the Apostles' faith renewed with zeal.

Have you ever felt
you are tossed out to sea?
Victim of wind and scourge,
which seem to never cease?

Is there a storm
inside your heart?
Towering from regret
or remorse on your part?

Are you buried under
that Great Deep?
Do you think that
God is asleep?

No, no,
do not fret.
During those darkest times,
His arm of mercy can be met.

Through the caverns
of your heart
His love will fill;
As He whispers those
quiet words:

Peace, be still.
At the Birmingham temple! One of my best sessions yet.

We love the temple!

One of my latest chalk drawings--whose team are you on?

Ready to go for football season at our apartment!!!

Sister Pyrah and I after church, enjoying the beautiful day (this is behind our apartment)       

Classic action shot

Spent a few minutes at the edge of the Coosa river, enjoying the day :)

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