Monday, February 15, 2016

T.U.F.F. trainings and more.....

 Hello family and friends!

Another week has come and gone. Except this week marks something quite big...1 year down, 6 months to go!! I want to make every moment count these last 6 months.

MLC Tuesday went great! We drove down the morning of (instead of the night before) and started driving at 5:30am. Driving went just fine and since we got a decent night of sleep we had so much more energy! We carried out zone training the following Friday and it was fun because we tried to be creative with it. Our zone this transfer has a theme: T.U.F.F. - Temples Unite Families Forever. We incorporated that theme into our zone training by "TUFF" warm ups (the missionaries came in their exercise clothes), the gym was decorated with work out equipment, and we had "TUFF" trainings. :)

We had three investigators come to church Sunday and you can only imagine how happy we were! That's the struggle of a mission...getting people to church. Two less actives that committed to come also came! The Sacrament talks just happened to be on the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. Funny how the spirit works!

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's! I was spoiled by receiving a cute Valentine package from my mom! Missionaries sure love mail, so go send an email or letter to a missionary you know that's out!

I found something in my personal study this morning. I read Alma 16 and verse 20 specifically stuck out to me. It talks about how the people learned that Christ would visit them after His resurrection, and that "the people did hear with great joy and gladness." At first glance this doesn't appear to relate to us, but think of it this way...Christ is coming again, and He will be coming to us! Do you realize that? Christ will come to this people. We don't know when, but we know that He is coming! Do we receive with gladness? How does it affect our actions right here, right now?

Praying that we are looking forward to His coming, and aligning our will with His,
Sister Griffith

Driving back home from Birmingham

Driving back home from Birmingham

A member was teaching Sister Pyrah and I how to play the electric guitar. I now have a resolve to learn!

Sister Pyrah learning electric guitar!

The Tupelo North Zone! (sorry it's off center, it was on self timer;)

Out tracting and we asked a guy if we could walk through his backyard to have a better view of the river. He showed us the way and told us that we wouldn't want to swim in it...too many snakes!

YSA FHE at a member's home :)
The epitome of the South.

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