Monday, March 28, 2016

No Longer In a Trio, But Meet My New Companion!

Hello Everyone!

So, Sister Fairclough is amazing! At our transfer meeting, I was leading the music and was able to catch a quick glimpse at her name-tag and identify her as my companion before we were officially assigned. I was filled with love for her immediately. On top of her sweet and funny personality, we share many things in common....she likes to drink herbal tea, she likes yoga, she dresses it's been fun. :) I'm grateful to be her companion.  It was somewhat humorous to see the terrified look on her face as we went and contacted at Walmart for the first time. Walking up to COMPLETE STRANGERS, and TALKING to THEM?!!! AHH! She is still apprehensive about tracting and contacting, but with time her skills will improve and she'll get more comfortable. :) I was the same way when I came out. It's scary!

Sister Fairclough (pronounced like "Fair-cluff") is a convert of just over a year!!! She has been investigating the church for several years. She is the only member in her family. A true pioneer! She is from North Ogden, UT. I really look up to her courage and spiritual strength!

This past week has involved us getting back into the routine of things. It's been nice to be back full time in Russellville. We were super happy to have Lucille and a less active we've been working with come to the Women's Broadcast! Also.... JC SET A BAPTISM DATE FOR APRIL 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy!! At our lesson on Tuesday, we tried to discover "the iceberg"---the underlying, hidden problem of why he hadn't set a baptismal date yet. As we were talking, we learned that he was afraid that in order to join our church he'd have to throw out his past 68 years of Methodist upbringing and belief. We simply explained that he'd be building on that foundation and testimony he already has. More truth. A more excellent way. And that seemed to do it! For the first little while, he seemed apprehensive...but on Sunday he announced to everyone in Sunday school that he was going to get baptized, and apparently everyone in High Priest's (and then proceeded to invite all of them to come, haha!) too.  Super excited!

That's all for this week!  I hope everyone had a great Easter, we sure did!

Sister Griffith
 It was fun being in a trio while it lasted! 
Notice how we all wore stripes!  And we didn't even plan it!  :)

My cute, new companion and I figuring out transfer details at the Birmingham stake center!
Sister Fairclough and I!  (her name is said like fair-cluff)
Fond farewell to Sister Patten!

 The Florence sister's investigator, Charlotte, who got baptized two Saturday's ago. I was able to join in for the last few of her lessons. Super sweet, been thru A LOT!

I had the image in mind, Sis Merrill drew it, and Charlotte brought it all together and is going to stitch this on her bag. Fun representation of our eternal progression! (baptism is the gate, house is the church, temple, and beyond)

Alabama has water towers everywhere and they are proud of them!

Someone taking up their cross on Highway 43!

Quick snapshot on Easter next to a pretty pink bush!  :)

Happy Easter!

Out with Sister Stark, one of my favorite members here!

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