Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alabama State Line!

Howdy y'all!

There were three highlights from this past week:  the first thing is that we had interviews with our mission president on Thursday!  We drove to Tupelo, MS, to the Stake Cente, with the Florence sisters.  I love being able to have a personal conversation with President Hanks, and visiting with Sister Hanks is always fun!  Interviews are great!

The second highlight is that Stake  Conference was Sunday, so back up to Tupelo we went.  This time, gratefully, a member drove us.  We enjoyed the conference, where the stake president, President & Sister Hanks, Elder Zwick (of the Seventy), and others spoke.  Afterwards, we tried to go to a park to eat our lunch that we packed, but it was so windy! So we ate in the car then headed back to the Shoals.  It's about a two hours drive and most of it is through Federal Land known as the "Natchez Trace."  It's beautiful!

The third highlight of this week is that we met several amazing people who have been prepared to received the Gospel!  They are searching for truth, and understand that other faiths are "missing something."  We hope to help them discover the fullness this Gospel offers!

Oh, I forgot to mention I tried Cajun food for the first time this week!  We ate at a cute restaurant called "New Orleans Transfer."  It's my hope you find something new to try or see this week.  God gave us an amazing world!

Sister Griffith     

Switching back after an exchange with the STL's :)

Had an exchange with Sister Belnap!

Alabama state line! Stopped while driving to Tupelo, MS

Sister Fairclough and I at the Alabama state line!


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