Monday, April 18, 2016

Helen Keller Hospital Visits & Hiking Zone Activity

Today we went hiking as a zone activity! This was our third time out at Cane Creek Canyon, except this time we went farther up the trail than we had gone before! It hardly takes any time to get anywhere considering that most of the terrain is flat, so I'm always surprised at how fast we arrive at the different checkpoints. It's a fun place to go!

One new thing we did this week in the Shoals was do visits at the hospital. I've done it before in Huntsville but didn't get around to it here until this past Friday. We needed to do something to switch up our schedule because tracting and contacting all day can get old fast. When you go to a hospital you're supposed to talk with the chaplain to get permission since we are associated with a religious organization (although we do no proselyting.) This hospital, the Helen Keller Hospital, didn't have a chaplain so we talked with the hospital administration services and they allowed us to go. It's fulfilling to be able to visit those people although it's sometimes hard to see them in a sickly state.

We've been on the move quite a bit this past week. We spent time in Russellville, Spruce Pine, and all around the Shoals. The members have been feeding us quite a bit and it's really nice! I've been enjoy the simple, summer dinners they feed us.

This past Sunday we taught the Young Women and the lesson was on the Restoration. Sometimes it's hard to get a response from teenagers but we made it through. :) This Sunday I'll be speaking in Sacrament.

Hope that everyone is doing well and looking forward to summer break! I'll be here, sharing the Gospel. :)

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