Friday, August 9, 2013

Leaping animals, rope swings, and my itinerary

A lot of people like to step outside of their comfort zones. In order to pursue goals, and not be a couch potato, it is often necessary.

Stepping outside our comfort zones means pushing ourselves past our personal "bubbles", and in doing so, we are able to experience things we don't normally do. At this moment in time, I feel like I will soon be completely leaping out of my comfort zone, just like the animals in this video.

My favorite animals are at 0:20, 0:26, & 0:56

The people in this video took the whole "leaping out of your comfort zone" seriously.

I love this video!
Okay, so maybe I'm not going to as an extreme level as them (their adrenaline was going pretty good, I bet), but I have to admit: it feels pretty close!

I've already mentioned that yes, I've never been on an international flight (I have, however, been on several flights in the US), never moved away from home, blah, blah, blah. And now I have the chance to explore! I want to see the world! And it's so exciting!

But there is a deep, dark fact (I may have exaggerated just a bit there) always lurking, constantly reminding, that sometimes I am a "homebody". I like the way Urban Dictionary defined it, saying "a person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home." Now don't get me wrong, I love spending a night out on the town; but when it comes down to it all, coming home to my usual surroundings and tucking in at night in my comfy, warm bed is what life is all about. And it's scary to think that I might be sleeping on a dirt floor in a shack somewhere in Russia. (hehehe, just kidding)

My surroundings are definitely going to be different, though. There no doubt will be a shock wave called "culture" that will hit me. And as intimidating and frightening as everything I will have to do is going to be, I am proudly declaring to the world that I'm going to do it. Somehow I'm going to find my way around the airports, navigate the metro system, and exchange currency.

Talking about airports and flights, I thought I'd share my itinerary.

I will be flying out of Vegas, departing at 6AM. My itinerary goes like this: Vegas--Chicago--Frankfurt, Germany--St Pete, Russia. All in all, I will be flying for about 14 1/2 hours, plus spending time doing the necessary steps at airports and trying to pass time during layovers.

Am I a homebody? Check. Am I moving to Russia? Check. Crazy comfort zone maneuvers? Most definitely. (but that's exactly why I have this blog, so I can vent to you all;)

To end this post in an inspirational way, I want to challenge y'all to step out of your bubbles and pursue something that interests you!

Happy Leaping.


  1. Speaking from personal experience, culture shock is a very real thing and can be very difficult! And I am sure that Russia is going to be even more of a culture shock to you than Seattle was to me. That said, I know you will be just fine and that your adventurous spirit will help you make yourself at home there. This was a very well written post by the way! Love you! Aunt Jenny

  2. Maegan! I absolutely love this!! Time is flying and I cannot wait to make memories with you! :)