Sunday, August 25, 2013

My life in a suitcase

Tuesday morning is when I started packing, and it started out with me throwing almost all of my closet onto my bed in different piles, and trying to sort through and use the process of elimination to lighten the mounds. I needed to focus on what was essential and would be most beneficial. Like clothes that can mix-and-match.

Finally, after packing, making copies of my passport and visa, and working out other small details, I'm done! I've weighed my checked bag and it came to 49lbs, and the limit is 50lbs! Since then I've switched out different things so hopefully it's still alright!

Currently I'm getting ready to head to Vegas, where I'll stay overnight in a hotel with my parents then get to the Vegas airport at 4am tomorrow morning.

Me the day I got my passport back from ILP with a Russian Visa,
and my student travel insurance card

My life in a couple of suitcases
Talk to you all soon.


  1. I'm just glad your big suitcase ended up weighing only 47 lbs, was within the dimensions allowed without being oversized, and I hope someone nice on the planes helped you with your very heavy carry on!

    1. Yes so glad it weighed the right amount! On the plane on Vegas, some handsome foreign (Italian?) man helped me. ;) I asked for help the other times, and did it myself once.