Monday, April 27, 2015

U of A Stadium Tour and other awesome stuff!

Hey ya'll! Monday is here again. :)
A few days ago, we had our weather radio rip me from my sleep as it started blaring around 12:30am. A weather report starting going off, saying that there was a tornado watch. It wasn't a tornado warning, but a watch indicating that the current weather conditions could initiate a tornado. It was raining, and thundering very loudly (which kept waking me up throughout the night!), but nothing worse than that happened! The next day there were warnings of hail, but nothing happened with that either.
A couple days ago we went to visit a sweet older lady in our ward. She hasn't been able to get to church very often because of health issues, but her faith is so strong!  She doesn't let her health issues get  the way. She took comfort in God, and trusted Him. Sometimes God will heal us, but sometimes he lets us go through hard things. That's how we grow, that's how we come to appreciate the good in life. This lady also makes jewelry as a hobby, and she let us pick out a few pieces to take home.
Something funny happened the other night. We went to a park near our home, and we noticed a party going on under a pavilion. They had loud music (a DJ), balloons, and streamers. Sister Bailey looked at me and asked if we should go say hi to them. We thought, "Why not?" So we walked up to this party with a bunch of people, and they just welcomed us right in. A lady offered for us to get some food, and we went around and talked with almost everyone. While we were talking to one guy, his alcoholic drink slipped from his hand and splashed on our shoes. Others were smoking as we talked with them about coming to church. Another woman told me that the DJ was actually a preacher. People are so fun!!:) We got a few numbers from it, and were even invited to the next party.
Things are going well with our investigators. We usually meet with each of them once a week. We missionaries have a series of lessons that we teach, but we also answer questions and follow the Spirit during our appointments. In one of the last meetings we had with our investigator, we talked about marriage. In the Bible it talks about marriage not lasting through the Resurrection, and that we'll all be "angels of God". Thanks to latter day revelation, we can more fully understand marriage. We know that marriage is ordained of God, and can last forever! A sealed, or eternal, marriage is possible because of it being done under the right authority, or priesthood. And what I've come to know is that in those verses in the Bible (Matt 22:30, I believe) Jesus was referring to temporal marriage. You also have to look at it in the right context...Jesus was talking to the Sadducees, who didn't even believe in Resurrection.
This morning we went on another stadium tour. We went again because we wanted to join our district. After the tour we went to lunch with a member and a few non-members. One was Buddhist and one was Presbyterian. It was good :)
Love you all!
Sister Griffith

My district had a tour of the University of Alabama Stadium this morning!

Sisters being silly!

Me, Sister Bailey, Sister Moore, & Sister Maxwell

Mormon jokes.  :)
Tough stuff.

How we react when someone rejects us!  (this was taken in the UA locker room!)

Alabama:  Flat and green!

Trying on hats at JC Penney!  True Southern Belles?

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