Monday, May 4, 2015

"God is so good, and awesome!"

Member team-ups are so great! This past week we had a lot of member participation. Members come to lessons with us, and it's a win win situation. We are blessed to have such a great ward! Last night we went to a member's home for dinner, and then we went to visit some less-active members. All of these members live in the countryside, and it was absolutely beautiful driving through! There are green fields and countless tall green trees. One couple that we went to visit lives in a cabin that the husband built himself, and it was the epitome of "country-living." They were just the cutest couple, and it was fun visiting them. :)

Church yesterday went really well. It was testimony meeting and I bore my testimony. I talked about how I know God lives. I know God lives because of the beautiful and majestic Earth we live on. I know that He lives because of the family that we are blessed with, and the people that come into our lives. I know that God lives because He gave us Jesus Christ, and through Him we have the Gospel and are able to have peace in our lives. God is so good! A lot of people here in the South have a deep testimony of God and faith in Jesus Christ. They always exclaim "God is so good" and "God is awesome." A lot of people aren't afraid to talk with us about their belief in God. Maybe it's because we are missionaries, or maybe it's because they are so passionate about their faith. Either way, it's great to talk with them. In the April issue of the Ensign, it talks about courage. Have courage to live your faith!

On Saturday we helped a lady in our ward move. We loaded boxes and furniture into a U-haul and moved it to storage. She is a sweet lady. And she got us pizza for dinner!

The work is moving on over here. I am blessed with an energetic companion who is able to keep going strong when I don't have as much enthusiasm. Sister Bailey is a ball of energy and a light.

My challenge for everyone this week is to be courageous in your faith, and to look for an opportunity to serve someone around you. Also remember that attitude is everything, and that when you reach out to God your life will be happier and more satisfying.

I love y'all!! 

Sister Griffith

What I found to eat at the gas station......

The streets of Alabama....

I love ya'll!  :)

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