Monday, May 18, 2015

Three Months Down, "Only" 15 to Go!

Hey y'all! Another week has come and gone in good ole Bama country.

This past Wednesday we had Zone conference in Bessemer (which is about an hour away from Tuscaloosa.) Everyone from our Zone plus the mission president and his wife were there. It was really good! My district did a special musical number (originally Sister Bailey and I were asked to do it, but if we're going down so is everyone else, thus we pulled in the entire district:) a acapello version of "Come Thou Fount." It turned out pretty well :)

On Saturday we had the best opportunity ever to go to the Birmingham AL temple with Rachel, to be there for her first proxy baptisms. :) She was excited about going in although nervous at the same time, but she afterwards said that she wants to go again soon. Rachel was surprised that the baptismal font was above twelve oxen, and we talked a little bit about symbolism, and also that Solomon's temple (in the Old Testament) had the same thing! Really neat. The temple is super symbolic.

There was also a really sweet thing we witnessed in the temple. Rachel was waiting for her turn to do baptisms, and Sister Bailey & I were sitting on a bench in front of the font, and a cute oriental woman (probably in her late 40's or early 50's) stepped down into the font. We found out from a person sitting next to us that this lady was baptized only 3 months ago herself, and that it was her first time to do proxy baptisms. As she got in the water, the man started the baptisms, and this lady started crying. She seemed really emotional for the first two baptisms she did. Come to find out it was her mother and sister she was got baptized for. She did confirmations right after for them as well, and started quietly crying during those too. Sister Bailey and I couldn't contain ourselves, and some of the temple workers couldn't either.

The same day, there was a baptism going on for Whitney, one of the YSA Sister's investigators. Sister Bailey and I were the ones to first meet her, and we taught her a few times the past couple months, so it was really great. She is super awesome and fits right in. :)

A storm came through town the other day, right as we were leaving Walmart. The clouds were headed the same way we were driving home, as it if were a race, but totally outran us. The clouds were super dark and it started getting windy. But it surprisingly rained pretty hard for 30 minutes or so, and then cleared up. Just a nice summer storm!

There is a family in our ward, the Miller's, and their son (Taylor) and daughter (Kayla) get along with us really well and like coming out with us to do missionary work. Rachel is also friends with them, and comes with us too. Yesterday we went on splits and did contacting at the river walk. Afterwards I gathered everyone for a couple of pictures. I love these people :)

I don't have much more to write, except for the fact that being here has made me realize how absolutely blessed I am to have the home and family that I have. I always knew that I had a good family, but being in Alabama (and specifically talking to people and coming to know what kind of home life/family they have) has made me truly appreciate the type of home life I had. Our family isn't perfect, but high five to you, Mom & Dad! And for others who are reading this, remember to appreciate the blessings in your life, and the family that you have. There's always something positive you can appreciate. Even if you haven't had a good home life, you can focus on the way that your future family is raised and ensure a good environment for your kids.

I love y'all! Count your blessings.

Sister Griffith
The mission has been stressful and given me a few grays...also gave me a beard!

Us at the temple with Rachel (her first time doing proxy baptisms!)
Bailey and I just so happened to be looking at another camera,
and I think it's a cute with Rachel looking at mine.
No, Bailey and Rach did not mean to match.

At Whitney's baptism!

A storm moving in.

I couldn't believe the contrast between the gray and blue!

Pretty Alabama flowers! (your photography inspired me, Bh;)

This part was added by me, Maegan's mom, who is maintaining her blog each week.  One of the church members there in Alabama sent me this hilarious video on Sunday night of Sister Griffith and Sister Bailey reciting Doctrine and Covenants Section 4, in a very thick Southern twang!  Such funny and amazing missionaries they are! No wonder people there love them both!  :)

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