Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Staying In Tuscaloosa Six More Weeks!

Hey everyone, transfer update! My companion Sister Bailey is being transferred to a different area (and becoming a Sister Training Leader!) which means that I'll be in T-town for another 6 weeks at least and getting a new companion! We're guessing that Sister Bailey will be going to Mississippi, but no one will know anything for sure until tomorrow, at transfer meeting in Birmingham. We find out our new area or companion at transfer meeting, and until that meeting everyone is kept in suspense. It will be sad to see Sister Bailey go, but thus is the life of a missionary!

Today we have some fun things planned! We are emailing for a couple hours at the Gorgus library on the UA campus, then we are going to lunch and bowling with our district! That will be really fun, and it's definitely needed, because one person from every companionship in our district is being transferred! One sister, Sister Moore (who is from St. George!), has completed her mission and will be going home. It's been a privilege to serve around her, she is absolutely amazing! After bowling, we have a lesson with our investigator Vanessa, then dinner with a family in the ward. The couple actually served in the same mission together (in Germany) then later got married. How sweet is that! And they have an adorable baby boy.

This past Sunday I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament. (By the way, the concept of people from the congregation speaking is very foreign here...they only have pastors or preachers! I've really come to appreciate the community-effort in our church, and the opportunity it allows for people to learn, share, and grow) I was asked to speak on Patriarchal Blessings. It went pretty good. :) I love my patriarchal blessing because it gives me comfort and direction. Here's the challenge for this week.....if you have a patriarchal blessing, read it! If you don't, you should work on getting one!

Happy Memorial Day yesterday, everyone! We were blessed to be able to go have dinner with a family in the ward, and they are so great. For dinner we had hamburgers and homemade blueberry pie, and both were absolutely delicious! It was awesome because after a long day of smelling other people's BBQs, we were be able to enjoy some of our own. We of course shared a spiritual message with them, and we talked about living the law of the land. It's important to respect your leaders and the laws of your country. But we've also been given spiritual laws, and it is vital for us to follow and give our utmost attention to them, since they are decreed by God and for our personal happiness. If we do follow them, everything else will fall into place.

I learned something funny yesterday. Someone called a wallet that folds a "bill fold." Am I just out of the loop, or is that a Southern thing? Sister Bailey hadn't heard that term either.
I hope y'all are doing well! I love ya!

Sister Griffith

Kayla, Bailey, Rachel, me, & Taylor after contacting at a park

Trying to jump :)

Who would name a Lane after a nut?

A picture taken on self-timer....our district at Whitney's home for a little party :)

My friend Kayla & I

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