Monday, November 16, 2015

Half Way Through, and a New Companion!

Happy Fall, y'all!

November is just flying by and we have started a new transfer! The Monday previous to transfers a few of us from our zone got together for an activity to play volleyball and sign journals. It was really fun :) Sister Taylor and I were busy the last few days of the transfer, especially with her getting ready to be transferred...HOME! I can't believe how composed she was her last few days, because I know that I would be all sorts of a messy and super "trunky"! Hopefully I'll learn from her example. Transfer meeting was great and as always my love for our mission president grew. President Hanks is an amazing man and we are SO blessed to have him leading this mission!

My new companion is Sister Castagno, and fun fact: we were in the same MTC district and came out together! So we were super excited to be with each other this transfer, considering that we will both be celebrating our 9 month mark!!! Sister Castagno is a super hard worker and we've had lots of amazing experiences already.

One of the cool experiences we had was last Thursday night...we went to contact a media referral. We found the address and it turned out to be some sort of mechanic shop and they were closed, so we picked the nearest street (which just so happens to be called Grace St.) to go tracting. We met a woman there named Kirsten who was very excited to meet Mormon missionaries! We had a lesson on her porch and scheduled a time to come back. We thought maybe because the referral address seemed to be bad that God just sent us that to be able to find Kirsten on Grace St. But the next day we decided to try the mechanic again during the day...we went up to the service desk and introduced ourselves to the lady. Her husband and her own the business. We looked over at their business cards and it was the name of the media referral we received. At first this lady was real closed off to us, but as a few minutes passed she warmed up to us, shared some personal spiritual experiences she's had, and we were able to share a scripture with her and pray. Just as we were about to go, her husband walked in and we explained why we were there. He then told us that he didn't put that online request in to see the missionaries and so he was confused how we got his information. We pulled our phone out and handed it to them so they could see the media text. The wife looked at him very squarely and in such a manner that said, "This is not just a coincidence. God had something to do with this." Now we have a return appt to see them this Wednesday. :)

A a crazy thing that happened this past week was that while on a blitz, another Sister and I were out tracting and got verbally threatened to leave the neighborhood by a lady (who lives there) who pulled up next to us in her car. We tried talking to her, but she wouldn't let up and would only yell "Get out!" and threatened to call the police and confiscate our bikes, as she escorted out of the neighborhood in her car as we walked down the sidewalk. It's unfortunate that people have such hate and anger in their heart. These kind of experiences shake you up a little bit, but I'm grateful for the perspective the scriptures gave me in that moment...I remembered how the Apostles also received persecution, but they never let that deter them!

Sister Castagno and I are praying to find a family to teach this transfer. Your prayers would be appreciated to help us find them!

Love you all,

Sister Griffith

Volleyball and journal signing the Monday before transfers

Missionary volleyball!

The Weatherly district last transfer

Driving down Memorial Parkway (and what a typical ABM missionary car looks like...a Chevy or Ford with a bike rack on the back!)

My current assigned area: Byrd Springs, Huntsville, AL
Look who got paired up this transfer in Wetumpka! Sister Pyrah and Sister Hall, two of my past companions!

My new companion, Sister Castagno, and I!

What transfer meeting looks like...lots of missionaries, lots of bags, and lots of craziness.

I'm going to miss Sister Taylor!

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