Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween and Raking Leaves!

Our Halloween was good! We proselyted but then were able to spend some time at a Halloween missionary activity that night (because tracting on Halloween night isn't very fruitful;)! We also were able to go to the ward Trunk or Treat a couple days before and that was fun. It was a great turn out!

Besides that, this week we've been doing exchanges like usual with the other Sisters and this week I was with Sister Ontiveros in their area. We rode bikes to get around (because they are in a car share with other sisters) and had some great experiences, including finding service to do on the spot (helping a man rake his yard)!

We've actually had lots of opportunities lately to give service by raking leaves. Sister Taylor and I did it a few days ago for some people that we tracted into. We ended up teaching a mini lesson while doing so. I love the time that we have to serve and teach as missionaries! And I'm especially grateful for the autumn weather that allows us to serve! My challenge for everyone this week is to find someone to serve, whether it's raking their yard or giving them a hug or cheerful note!

I can't believe it's November! Time is flying by, and this month I will reach my half way mark! Then it's all downhill from there!

Thank you for the continued support!! 

Love y'all!!

Sister Griffith

Us with the Sparkman district :)

Sister Taylor and I at the ward Trunk or Treat that evening

Sister Ontiveros on exchanges and getting around on bikes!

Tracting on a rainy day

Out tracting!

A neighborhood in Huntsville 

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