Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Super Awesome Stake Conference!

Happy Autumn y'all!

Here's a summary of the past week: this past Tuesday we went and visited less actives, and did tracting in between visits. Wednesday we had our district meeting, had a lesson, saw another less active, and did some tracting and contacting. Thursday was busy because we had to take our car into the mechanic, which consequently landed us at Taco Bell to do weekly planning. And this really nice lady who we didn't know bought us lunch! It was so sweet! Friday we were on exchanges and went to see a less active, went contacting at the mall, had dinner with a member, and then taught a lesson. Saturday we contacted some referrals we received, tracted, then went to the Adult session of the Huntsville Stake Conference!

Stake Conference was great, but what really made Sister Taylor and I's night was that we got to shake hands with an area Seventy, Elder Fred A. Parker. He is an amazing speaker and disciple of Christ. If y'all have seen "Meet the Mormons", in the backyard BBQ scene Elder Parker was the guy in the white shirt critiquing the BBQ. Woohoo! Anyway, Sunday we went to the second half of Stake Conference and it was good as well!! Elder Parker listed off all of the missionaries from the stake currently out serving or waiting for their call, and had all the missionaries serving locally stand. All the while, Sister Taylor and I were bawling our eyes out. Our mission president, President Hanks, also spoke at both sessions of Conference and he inspires me so much! I will carry the things that he's taught me for the rest of my life. He is not only inspiring us to be good missionaries now, but to be disciples for life. Some of the things he talked about at conference was to lean into the church (doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith), to not get offended and let someone else impede your salvation (aka, going inactive because of something someone did or said), and to have a bigger focus of missionary work.

After Conference we did more of the same...out proselyting and talking to people. :) Please prayer for Sister Taylor and I to find people who are prepared! 

Love you all so much!
Sister Griffith

Weekly planning at.....Taco Bell?! :)

The leaves have changed colors here!

Beautiful Fall Foliage!

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