Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Party & Getting to Know the Neighbors!

Hi everyone,

We had MLC this past Tuesday in Birmingham and it went really good! The training that we got was really inspiring and I was excited about sharing it with our zone the following Thursday. One training I really liked was called "Managing expectations of belief." It talked about how there are certain things like church history, Mormon tradition, etc., that people place as "doctrine". This is where a lot of anti stems from---not understanding true sources or categorizing things inappropriately. One thing, for example, is with prophets. Some people place them as infallible, unable to do wrong, perfect. But then they might stumble across a past prophet's writing and think otherwise (which is why it's important not to place them as infallible and to understand that there IS a difference between prophetic revelation/doctrine and personal opinion). Another example is with people justifying the Word of Wisdom with caffeine. They place it as doctrine whereas it really is just personal viewpoint and assumption.

This past Friday the Spanish sisters in our zone planned a Hispanic activity at the church. They asked for our help, especially with Sister Taylor being able to speak Spanish! So we went, and it was a good turn out, but you can imagine how little miss Sister Griffith was who doesn't speak more than "Hola!" and count to ten. :) Good thing I've had practice in foreign countries trying to communicate with people! In Church yesterday, they asked me to introduce myself to the ward and bear my testimony. I started out by proudly saying that the companion I have right now was called to speak Spanish, and I was called to speak "Southern." :)

On Saturday we went to a neighborhood pumpkin party that we got invited to by some people that we tracted into. It was really nice of them to invite us and probably a gamble in their minds to invite the Mormon missionaries. ;) But we went and had a great time getting to know our neighbors. We didn't talk about the Gospel at all, or ask anyone if we could teach them. Sometimes you have to teach by example, and especially help people out here in the Bible belt to realize that we're normal people. :)

That's all of an update that I have for now. I love y'all and hope your October is going well!

Sister Griffith

My Halloween socks! Thanks mom!

On our way to the pumpkin party!

Sister Taylor carving!

 Me carving our pumpkin!

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