Monday, December 28, 2015

A Missionary Christmas and What I've Learned.....

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy upcoming New Year :)

This Christmas was one of the most interesting Christmases I've had! The weather has contributed to a lot of it. Two days before Christmas we had tornado warnings and bad thunder storms. Christmas Eve was completely blue skies and it was in the 70's. Christmas day we were woken up at 5:30am by thunder and we had rain the entire day, which brought on flooding. It's been crazy!! But our Christmas was good. :) We had breakfast at a member's home, went to Skype our families (YAY!), took a nap, had dinner at a member's home, then went to another member's home. We were really grateful for everyone who took care of us and made sure we had places to eat!

Every once in a while, I reflect on all the things I've learned from my mission. I'm so grateful! I don't know what I'd do without it! Here's a list of some of my blessings:

1. A much wider knowledge of the Restored Gospel.
2. An understanding of how the Church runs and how Church leadership operates.
3. An appreciation for my faith
4. A better understanding of other religions
5. An increased love and respect for those who differ in beliefs.
6. A better perspective on life.
7. A bigger desire to serve.
8. A love for the scriptures
9. Experience out in the "real world"
10. Knowing I can do hard things

I will forever be grateful for my time spent here serving the Lord,
Sister Griffith

Went out to eat Chinese food! It brought me back to my China days.

On an exchange!

Walking in Capshaw.

Our little Christmas tree, and presents ready to be unwrapped. :)

We set our cameras on our mailbox and took selfies. This was Christmas Eve!
My favorite Christmas lights I saw this season.

We had a rainy, rainy Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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