Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!


2016 has come and I'm partially in denial but mostly excited about what it has in store! We still have just over 7 months left and I know there's many amazing miracles waiting to happen. :)

This past week I have had increased love towards the people we are teaching. Being on a mission has allowed me the privilege to talk with people that I probably would never have the chance to meet otherwise. I am able to teach, testify, get to know, serve, and love, and it's such a blessing. I've also felt the joy lately of helping strengthen and reactivate members. Our main goal is to help people come unto Christ and we do that by helping them make commitments. It's so rewarding to see the fruits of our labors, and to see how the Gospel is blessing their life once more! This week missionary work brought me joy.

We've also been dealing with cold, humid weather and lots of tracting this past week!! One day in particular, we were tracting in the projects and it was so cold! But we were able to teach a couple lessons, and as we were walking down the street a truck pulled up with some (heavy!) bedroom furniture and we helped lift them out of the truck and carry it inside. The people were really grateful that we were there to help, because originally they only had the two of them and they definitely needed some more hands. They said, "God knew we needed some help."

Tonight we will be traveling to Birmingham to stay overnight with some sisters and the following morning we'll go to MLC. It will be Sister Castagno's first MLC and Zone Training as an STL, so that's exciting. :) We haven't had MLC in a while because of the holidays, so it will be good to have this one and to receive some fresh training again.

Sister Castagno and I are continuing to do well. :) At the moment we are teaching a guy named Lynn who has a baptismal date! So we are excited about that.

Praying for everyone's success as the new year has begun. Remember that true success comes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Sister Griffith

Our awesome investigator, Lynn.  Don't worry, he wasn't mad about getting his picture taken, he just wasn't ready for it! :)

Hermana Mitchell and I out on exchanges with our new friend, Rob.

In some forest-y areas of Huntsville you'll find deer!


The Eskridge's and I :)

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