Monday, January 25, 2016

First Snow Of My Mission.....

Good morning!

This past Friday it snowed! It last about 24 hours until it all melted and now the sun is out today (typical AL). The threat of snow here sends everyone into a wild frenzy, and this is what happens... 1. The weather is forecasted and a snow warning is sent out. 2. People scramble to the store to buy eggs and milk during "the freeze". 3. Relatives or friends visiting will stay a couple extra days because they are "snowed in". 4. Parts of the roads are blocked off. 5. Businesses close early (lots of the stores at the mall were already closed for the day, and the rest closed at 4pm). 6. School is out. It seems somewhat humorous for those who are used to living in snowy conditions, but in actuality the South isn't very equipped for cold weather and doesn't have a lot of experience dealing with it. So people stay off the roads to be safe and kids are out of school and off sledding in the 1-2 inches of snowfall. :)

We had two exchanges this week and that was fun! Sister Mitchell and I were together on Friday when it snowed, and as we were walking home we couldn't help but indulge ourselves by doing some snow angels!

We watched the worldwide Missionary Broadcast this past Wednesday, and it was really good! The broadcast wasn't working in the main chapel, so we (our zone) all ended up squeezing together in the family history center and another room to watch it on the computer. :) I'm really grateful that we have inspired men guiding our church and helping us learn how to better our work as missionaries. One message that I liked from the broadcast was "Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts." As missionaries, we help people come unto Christ which leads them to want to act on their faith (repentance); and it's our job, as that leads them to the waters of baptism, to make sure that they are converted---converted to the gospel, understanding that they are covenanting to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. As you desire to be baptized, you should already be converted before you make those covenants with God. This doesn't mean that one has to have a perfect knowledge, or be extremely spiritually developed, but simply that their heart is in the right place and they have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus we are "baptizing converts".

What a privilege to be in this work!
Sister Griffith

Getting caught in the rain without a hood or umbrella...

We got snow for a day!

Snow Day exchanges!

Hello from the great snowy South!

Hermana Mitchell and I on exchanges!

Sister Snow Angels!

Our act of kindness yesterday was feeding a skinny cat and giving him a box to sleep in. :) We named him Diddy.

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