Tuesday, January 19, 2016

11 Months a Missionary, and Answered Prayers!

Good afternoon y'all,

It has been FREEZING! 20 degrees + humidity = no hope in my books, yet we're still out tracting and doing the Lord's work. :) I will say though that I'm very grateful that we aren't in an area with 8 feet of snow because that would prove to be difficult. We are very blessed to not have to deal with any ice yet, and that we have a car to get around. There are several missionaries here in biking areas and they are troopers!! The Southerner's don't seem to be effected much at all by this cold drop in temperature. We see people walking around with light jackets, jeans...and then there's us...fleece tights, boots, sweaters, thick jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats.

This past week we did a 70-hour week, where we sacrificed a little more of our time and energy to the work. We left earlier than usual, had shorter meal breaks, and stayed out later. Several cool experiences come from it. :) It was tiring, but worth it!

One awesome experience we had was last Wednesday... we got a text from an older lady in our ward who said that she had been at the doctors office and was talking to the receptionist about why Mormons don't drink coffee. She said we should go and talk to this receptionist, but she couldn't remember her name and only had the address to the doctors office... we were hesitant to go without a name, and we got wrapped up in our busy schedule and didn't end up going. A couple days later, all of our morning plans fell through. It was 9am and we were filling our car up with gas, and had no clue where to go. We had prayed for Heavenly Father to guide us. No answers came, until all of the sudden our phone vibrated...we got a text from that same member, who suddenly had remembered the receptionists name: Cynthia! An answer to our prayer!! Immediately we drove to the doctors office. We found the right suite and introduced ourselves at the desk. Cynthia was working that day, and it just so happened that the office was completely empty...so it was quiet and we had lots of time to talk with her because she wasn't busy helping patients! First we discussed coffee, and I really thought the conversation wasn't going anywhere...she didn't seem to interested. Then Sister Castagno whipped out the Book of Mormon, explained what it was, and testified of it. The atmosphere completely changed. Soon Cynthia was crying, and telling us personal experiences like how the night before she had prayed to God for help, for a sign. Her mother is very ill, and she has lots to deal with, and she told us that she recognized that we were an answer to her prayer, and that God is sending things to give her strength (like the BoM)! She said that she was very excited to read the Book of Mormon and we exchanged contact info. Miracles happen!

Loving the Gospel but not the weather,
Sister Griffith

Some gator ball pics from last Monday :)

Gator Ball is intense!

I love the South :) This was on someone's front door.

Sisters in Stripes!
Sister Mayfield and I!

Life as a missionary....walking, walking, and more walking!

Walking in the freezing cold to go visit people at the hospital :)

26 degrees plus humidity!! I don't know how the Southerners do it!

Riding in the back of a mustang!!!

Making an "11" at Waffle House for our 11 month mark!

January 18th=11 months for both of us!

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