Monday, January 11, 2016

Calling 911 and more....

Hey y'all,

This week was really good. :) Tuesday we attended MLC in Birmingham, and that night once we got back in Huntsville we didn't have any solid plans so we said a prayer and asked for guidance. Immediately after the prayer a less-active's name came to my mind. Turns out that's exactly who we needed to focus on that night. I love the Spirit!

We are continuing to meet with our investigator Lynn! He is doing really well to quit smoking! It's been such a privilege to see how the Gospel and Atonement are working in his life. 

Wednesday night we had an adventure! We were driving home, and Sister Castagno was merging onto the highway. A car zoomed by and almost ran us off the road because it didn't yield as we were merging. Sis C jumped on the brakes and we were fine and brushed it off. We continued driving and off in the distance of the intersection we'll turn left in to go home, we see two cars. I said, "Why are their lights off?" Then we saw smoke. We pull up in the left-hand turning lane, and see there was a wreck!!! It had JUST happened! We jumped out of our car and heard a lady from one of the cars screaming and crying! I immediately dialed 911 and was on the phone with the operator answering questions. In the meantime, in the other car, a guy got out and his face was all bloody and he was in shock, and said, "What just happened?" Sister Castagno was trying to comfort them and soon a few other people that saw the accident came over to help. After the 911 operator told me ambulances were on the way, I went over to the mom who had been screaming and held her 2-3 yr old son who was also upset at everything. We were in the middle of all this craziness, in the middle of an intersection, as cars zoomed by on both sides of us. Within a few minutes the ambulances and firetruck showed up and took over. Cops soon arrived. We stayed because they asked us to give our witness and report on what happened, and we also couldn't leave because the ambulance and other cars were blocking us getting out. Turns out the dude that had been bleeding from his nose, and the girl driving with him, had been drinking and were the ones who caused the accident. They had been going 50-60 MPH and hit the car of the mom and little boy, who were fully stopped and waiting to turn left out of the intersection. No one was killed, and I believe there was only minor injuries. But it shook us up a little bit. We're pretty sure that same car with the drunk drivers who had almost ran us off the road was the same car that caused the accident. If we had left 20 seconds earlier, that could have been us. It really made us appreciate the Plan of Salvation, deepened our testimony of the Word of Wisdom, and we were reminded that God is looking out for his missionaries!

On Thursday life resumed as normal and we had our Zone Training! It went really well. :) My favorite part of Zone Training was one of the Elder's testimonies of the Book of Mormon! It is such an amazing book!!! You have to read it with an open heart and sincerity to be able to get a witness from the Holy Ghost. If you are an investigator, you need a testimony of the Book of Mormon because our entire religion hangs on the balance of this book. If you are an in-active or less-active member, you need to read the Book of Mormon because it will invite the spirit into your life again and help you rediscover the beauty of the Gospel. If you are an active member, read the Book of Mormon EVERY day! I can testify that if you do, you will have a deeper understanding of Gospel truths, a better relationship with your Heavenly Father, and an increased ability to feel the Spirit. Sister Castagno and I have been focusing on reading the Book of Mormon FIRST, every day!

We are so blessed to have this Gospel! Don't let it go in vain. 2 Nephi 9:27

Love y'all!
Sister Griffith

The SUPER nice people we met at Subway!

First ones on the scene of a car crash

Having a lesson with Daphne and her family!

Sister Castagno and I after contacting :)

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