Monday, December 7, 2015

A Missionary Christmas Month!

Hey y'all, Happy December!

This past week Sister Castagno and I have been busy doing exchanges with the sisters in our zone, lots of finding, and helping to coordinate upcoming Christmas activities. We also were able to go to the Birmingham temple on Thursday, which we of course loved!! I love the spirit in the temple. It's unlike any other place. And it's amazing the different ways Heavenly Father teaches us, and how the more we progress spiritually the better we recognize and understand it.

We had lots of different experiences this week, some good, some bad. Through it all, I have gained a deeper, true testimony of who the Savior is to me personally and how His example and His Atonement very realistically has a role in my life if I so choose.

We've  been thinking a lot about Jesus's birth, life, and mission since it's the season where we take extra time to remember Him. Lately while tracting or contacting, we've been sharing the new video on Christmas. It's been fun to share with everyone :) Last night we were also able to watch the Christmas Devotional and I especially enjoyed Elder Bednar's address! He talked about how Christ is the Light of the world.

It's my challenge to remember the reason for the season! And do things that will invite Christ into your life.

Sending prayers your way,
Sister Griffith

Sister Castagno and I emailing today!

Our dear President & Sister Hanks and I :)

Finding our inner spiritual gangster.

Sis C and I at the temple!

Us and the Huntsville Elders!      

Bonus pics from our Sunday evening with Brother and Sister Nelson!  We had dinner, dessert and also watched the LDS Christmas Devotional!

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