Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lessons on Charity


On Wednesday we had a meal appointment with a member here in Florence that just moved into an Assisted Living Center. That's consecration at its finest---still feeding the missionaries even you can barely take care of yourself. Anyway, we had a good meal and as we were sitting in the community dining room, a lady across the room said, "Are you the sister missionaries?" We replied that yes we were, and she came and sat with us. She was a member in Florence as well, and was the sweetest thing. She expressed just how much she loved the church and how she and her husband did lots of missionary trips when they were younger. The lady that was feeding us also went on a mission as a senior missionary. It was a treat for me to be able to talk with these faithful, southern pioneers.

Thursday we had Zone Training in Russellville. It was really good. The biggest thing I got out of it was something the spirit taught me as they were giving a training on charity. I came to the realization that there is no limit to charity. God never said, "Once you pay your 10%, you don't need to give any more." We are commanded to continually love and serve our neighbor! We give, we serve, because that's what Christ would do. We don't do it for credit, pay, or blessings. We serve because that is how we learn to become like Christ. True charity means serving without expecting anything back, and looking for opportunities to do more. I do understand there's a difference between service and "free labor" (God taught us compassion but also gave us common sense) and I understand that our giving to someone doesn't always result in them spending it wisely (but that's on them). As we follow the spirit and look for opportunities to serve our lives will be changed for the better because we are striving to pattern it after the life of One who is perfect.

Sunday was a good day for the Russellville ward...we enjoyed three baptisms right after church, of a 15-year-old girl and two Hispanic brothers! I was asked to play piano for the baptism service. Lots of members were there to support these newly-baptized members. :)

I hope everyone's week is blessed and my challenge is for you to look for opportunities to serve! :)

Sister Griffith

Doing service for a member and she let us ride her tricycle :)
Sister Bradford trying out the tricycle! 
Everyone looks so happy--- then there's Sister Bradford and I... Haha

Amanda, our investigator, and us!

Beautiful clouds as the sun was setting

Apparently Walmart came out with a great new church movie!

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