Monday, June 20, 2016

New Companion, New Mission Car, New Investigators!

Hey y'all,

Transfers came and went this past Wednesday and now I have a wonderful new companion named Sister Oscarson! She's "fresh off the boat" from the Provo, UT and she is so bold, confident, and energetic that I feel like she's come "pre-trained" to the field! I am excited to be companions with her in Russellville. :) We've already seen miracles together and it hasn't even been a week yet. Here are a few examples:

We got a NEW CAR! Okay, this isn't so much of a spiritual experience, but my goodness it made my day finding out that we would drive a Nissan Altima, with only 200 miles, for the next 6 weeks. It's the little things in life that bring joy. ;)

On Friday last week we were contacting in "Aldi's" and a man walked up to us as we were browsing their amazingly cheap produce. He asked, "Are you missionaries?" We said, "Yes!" He explained that his name was Pedro and then said, "I could tell you were missionaries by the modest way you dress and your demeanor. You stick out from people in a good way." That made us feel really good to know that we are "different", but in a good way. :)

That same day, the Elders referred us to a lady they had met named Wendy. We went to meet her the day after, Saturday. Wendy is searching for truth and spiritual knowledge. We talked with her on her porch for a while. I got chills the whole time, in the 90-degree weather, because I could feel the spirit and know that she has so much potential. We'll be meeting with her tomorrow. :)

As for myself, I had a sweet experience at church yesterday receiving strength from the Sacrament and feeling the spirit. Hymns speak deeply to me and I found myself a few times tearing up while singing, "I know My Redeemer Lives"---what a joyful sentence.

Well we are just chugging away in Russellville right now and doing lots of finding! Please pray for the people we teach to receive answers to their prayers and spiritual strength.

Sister Griffith

Sightseeing on UNA campus :) This fountain is beautiful!

Sister Oscarson and I at transfers!

Our new ride, a Nissan Altima. It "push" starts. Smooth driving. New car smell. Only 200 miles. OOOH! AHHH!


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