Monday, June 6, 2016

Four Interesting Things From This Week

Hey y'all,

This week has been an interesting week! Here's four reasons why:

1. On Sunday I was asked by one of the Elders to play piano while he sang for a musical number at district meeting. We didn't have any sheet music but he said he'd show me some on P day. Turns out we couldn't practice that day because of our hectic schedules; so the morning of district meeting we had about 5 minutes to practice. Sight-read a musical number with basically no practice....check.

2. Sister Bradford and I were out tracting one day....and in the South when the sun starts going down, and it's summertime, the fireflys come out! They are easy to catch because they move slow but they don't stay continually glowing so sometimes they camouflage well into the scenery. Anyway we had always heard that if a firefly hit your windshield or was partially "smooshed" that it would stay glowing. Needless to say, we found that fact to be true. They sure are neat insects!!

3. Talking about day this week we got in the car and were driving down the road and Sister Bradford saw a spider on our windshield. She tapped the glass where it is, just to find out that the spider was IN our car and had built a small web on the ceiling of the car! That gave us a good laugh.

4. Today we played Ultimate Frisbee and Gator ball with the Elders in our district! We played Ultimate at the park and it was sure hot. Then we moved to the church gym to play some gator ball. I got hit in the face with the ball, but I survived. :)

Wishing everyone a splendid, and interesting, week!
Sister Griffith

On exchanges with Sister Beus and we found more beautiful Hibiscus flowers while out tracting :)

The Florence fountain

You know they're Mormon when....

Sister Bradford and I!

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