Tuesday, May 31, 2016

100 Days Left and Picture Overload!

Hey y'all,

Happy Memorial Day yesterday! Our P day was switched to Tuesday this week so we could be out and about talking to people who most likely were off work for the holiday. We made a quick run to Walmart to make a little gift for JC, who served several years in the military. We also spent our lunch break at the park and had a dandy time on the swings there. It was good day! :)

This past Saturday the Russellville Elders investigator, Trish, got baptized! It was a sweet, simple baptismal service and we are happy to have her in our church family. Before the baptism, they took pictures together and we had several people who wanted those pictures on their camera, therefore, what I like to call the "paparazzi staircase" developed (pictured below)!

Florence, Alabama, is a culturally diverse place. Partly due to the university and the size of the city, it has a lot of interesting things to look at. We came across one of those things Saturday, when we found graffiti of the famous world war two-kiss picture. Of course we had to take our picture by it ;)

Summer has officially set in! It is hot and humid, no question about it. We especially felt that today when we played ultimate frisbee as a zone....it was super fun to play, but boy that weather is a killer!

Hoping everyone's holiday weekend went well. Please pray for the missionary efforts to be fruitful!

Steadfast in my Savior,
Sister Griffith


Now Mississippi!

JC with Sister Bradford and me last week. (sorry for bad lighting)

Our sweet Lucille!

Missionary Paparazzi staircase at the baptism!

Some pretty cool graffiti art!

Just hanging out at the park on our lunch break!

Sister missionaries do know how to have fun! :)

A little gift for JC on Memorial Day :)
 What a beautiful Hibiscus flower!
 Sister Stark is a wonderful gardener, and I was appreciating the fruits of her work.  

Sister Bradford and I on Sunday, after YSA FHE.  :)

Today, with Katelyn, after playing ultimate Frisbee with our zone!

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