Monday, May 23, 2016

Fish Fry Success and A Cool Quilt From 1989!

Hey y'all,

Zone Conference went great this past Tuesday! It was President and Sister Hanks' last Zone Conference which made it bitter sweet because they are going to be dearly missed by the ABM. They have influenced all of us for the better and left such a good culture in the mission! One of the things I got out of Zone Conference is that there is real truth in the world---solidified, God-given, established truth. Which means that the principle that one person's "truth" can be different from another person's "truth" is false. The only variance is our own perspective because truth does not change or cannot be altered by popular opinion. I've met several people who say that the Book of Mormon is how God speaks to me and is truth for me, but not for them. In their eyes, truth is molded to the person's perspective. But we believe in real, absolute truth. God does not vary. And while it's true that He speaks to us individually, according to our circumstance, His laws, words, and commandments to do not change... for He is the same "yesterday, today, and forever." (1 Nephi 10:18)

We enjoyed the Fish Fry this past Saturday! It was a great turn out. Sister Bradford tried catfish for the first time and still holds the notion that she doesn't like fish. I enjoyed eating some good ole fried catfish though, along with cole slaw, potato salad, and of course dessert.

One neat thing that happened this week was when I was able to visit with Sister R, a lady who my uncle baptized many years ago as a missionary in Russellville. She had pictures of his time here as a missionary and a quilt that was made by several members of the branch at the time, of which he also contributed by drawing on and signing his name. It was super fun to see and to hear some of her stories about how he and his companion found their family and taught them. She expressed her gratitude of him bringing the Gospel to their family because she says she has been richly blessed ever since. That of course touched me and I'm grateful for my uncle's example, and the fact that I get to serve in the same area. God is very aware of where I need to be. And he's very aware of YOU!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their week. 

Sending love from AL!
Sister Griffith


Sister R and I holding up a quilt that my uncle contributed to as a missionary many years ago :)

See where it says "Elder Griffith"?  That's my uncle!  :)

Sister Todd and I at the fish fry :)

The fish fry coming to a close

Beautiful sunset off of Highway 43


  1. Sister Griffith , I was so Bless to meet you. your UNCLE and ELDER BIGLER, was so great to find us so or out in the woods . lol. But the LORD ne where to send you to check use out.TO make sure we were doing the right thing , and staying n Church. I hope to get this done for you soon. LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.SISTER Cathy Thompson Raper . GOD Bless you always. (the THOMPSON FAMILY).