Monday, May 2, 2016

Meeting a Sweet Pentecostal Lady.... (and more)

Hello everyone!

Interesting things that happened this week:

On exchanges with Sister Belnap, we got catcalled from the street.

On Saturday Sister Fairclough and I were tracting and we met a woman named Ruth. She is an 80 year old lady who professed to be Holy Pentecostal (hard core worship, speaking in tongues, etc.) but didn't dress how "holiness people" usually do (skirts, long hair). Anyway, she came out of her house as we were talking with her brother and said, "Please lay your hands on me and heal me." We explained we believe that it's a man's role to exercise God's authority, including giving blessings by laying on of hands. So we compromised by praying with her. After the prayer, she said, "Guess what? I wrote a song. Want to hear it?!" We said, "Sure!" So then little toothless Ruth started to sing a song she wrote, a song about telling Satan to get behind her and that he won't stop her from reaching Heaven. It had a very southern-gospel sound. I just stood there smiling, loving the little things like this that I experience here. There are some things you can ONLY experience in the South! After her song, she shared several experiences where she's "healed people" and after listening we explained that we had to go, but she kept on talking. Eventually we just told her good bye and as we were walking down her sidewalk she started yelling hell-fire and brimstone, like she was preaching at us. If you stepped in that moment you'd think she was very angry as she was yelling and pointing fingers and very dramatic. But I think she was just giving us some parting words from deep within her Pentecostal heart. Bless her.

Today we are going bowling as a district! Should be fun. I bought some $10 jeans from Walmart so I wouldn't have to wear my jogger-pajama pants like I did last time. haha 


Sister Griffith

Small cookout with Brother Tom and friends!

Rainy day selfie!

Empty mailboxes make sad missionaries.... ;)

Beautiful skies this past week

Study desk

I picked some weed flowers and made a pretty bouquet. It's the small things. :)

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