Monday, May 9, 2016

Goodbye to Sister Fairclough, Hello to Sisters Hintze & Bradford!

Hey everybody,

This past week has been completely full of changes. Our transfer news two Saturday's ago was that Sister Fairclough and I would be staying together another transfer in Russellville, but it turns out that Sister Fairclough had a lot going on with some family issues at home and felt the need, after fasting and prayer, to return home. So when transfers came this past Wednesday, she returned home and I was assigned to a trio in Florence again. This time, though, it will be for the whole transfer! We will be working part time in Russellville too, which I was very happy about---I was not ready to leave the area yet!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! I was informed by a ward member that the South has a Mother's Day give a white flower/corsage to a woman whose own mother has passed away, and a red flower/corsage to someone whose mother is still living. At one of our last lessons with Lucille, she quietly said, "Bring me a flower Sunday!" I had no idea that there was any significance behind that! Sister Stark helped me, a poor missionary who couldn't afford a florist arrangement/corsage, by picking some pretty flowers in her garden and putting them in a vase. All the credit goes to Sister Stark! I was very thankful and had fun giving them to Lucille for Mother's Day. Along with sending something to my own mother as well. :)

My new companions are Sister Hintze and Sister Bradford! We are looking forward to working together in Florence/Russellville and coming to be unified. Sister Hintze is a new missionary and still in training as well, so that adds to our adventure. :)

Hope everyone has a blessed day! Go hug a family member or friend--we need more love in the world!

Sister Griffith

Selfie with my Fairclough!

I still know how to use chop sticks!  (thank you, China!)

Getting some Chinese food last Monday!

Fun bowling activity with the Elders and Sisters in our area! :)
Hello to Sister Hintze, one of my new companions!

I'll be with both Sister Bradford (L) and Sister Hintze for the rest of this transfer!

   The Mother's Day flowers for Lucille :)

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