Monday, May 16, 2016

Lions, Companions Moving and Fish Frys...Oh My!

Wow, some more crazy changes! A sister in the mission went home this past Saturday and Sister Hintze was transferred abruptly to fill her place. We were sad to have her go, but Sister Bradford and I are chugging along and working in both Florence and Russellville. We've got several people we are working with and we working hard to find more to bring the Gospel to. :) JC got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and it was so sweet to see him take his next step in the Gospel. Such a blessing to see the Gospel changing people's lives for the better and molding them into who God wants them to become. And it's such a blessing for me to be on a mission and continuing to be molded myself. I've learned so much from my mission and will be forever grateful.

One day this past week, as we were on the campus of UNA, we stopped by the lion habitat like usual to pay a visit to Leo III and Una. They usually fulfill their feline roles quite well by basically doing nothing all day...but that day we saw them get up and walk around! It was time for their dinner and they were being ushered inside, so were they motivated by food? Yes. But we'll take what we can get!

On Saturday Sister Bradford and I, as well as the Elders, helped a member of the Florence ward who wanted to fix up their garage in preparation to sell their house. We dusted, wiped, and painted several garage shelves. We love shaking up our schedule to do service!

The big events we have coming up this week is Zone Conference tomorrow, and the Russellville Ward Fish Fry on Saturday! I've never been to a Fish Fry before so I'm looking forward to it! They'll have fried catfish...yum!

Lately I have been gaining a testimony of the Sacrament (communion). Life isn't easy and I'm finding myself more and more craving that time on Sunday when I can commune with my Father in Heaven and participate in that holy ordinance. My prayer is that we may all prepare for and appreciate this spiritually-strengthening blessing God has given us. After all, that is the main reason why we assemble every Sunday.

Have a blessed day!
Sister Griffith

We caught Leo III & Una actually doing something other than sitting around like usual!

Una, the Lioness at UNA!

Sister Bradford cleaning and painting for a service project!

Service project for a member... cleaning off and painting garage shelves :)

Selfie!  :)

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