Monday, August 1, 2016

Goodbye Russellville, Hello Talladega

Happy August!

Well, I left half my heart in Russellville. But, I am beyond excited for the opportunity to work in Talladega, and especially in a branch! My new companion is Sister Cullimore! This is her fourth transfer. I am looking forward to the miracles we will witness these next six weeks!

Our new area is beautiful. They actually have hills here and if you squint hard enough they *almost* look like mountains!! There is lots of country side with beautiful green fields. Next to our house there is a lake with ducks and fish, and it has a walking path that wraps all the way around. Lots of people are always there!

Being whitewashed into the area (in other words both missionaries are new) is a challenge and we definitely have our work cut out for us, but I'm so glad to be in an area where I can put my experience and skills to use. The area book has become our best friend in helping us get oriented with the area and to see who the past sisters have been working with.

We had a miracle last night. As we were tracting, we met a lady named Jennifer, and her daughter, Madison. Jennifer grew up with missionaries being invited into their home. She said that at the moment they don't have a church, that they haven't found one that "fits", and that they planned on going "church hunting" starting next week. She said she's been praying for guidance. Then she said that she feels like we showed up for a reason! They accepted a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment to see them tomorrow. God prepares people!

Loving the Gospel,
Sister Griffith

Saying goodbye to JC....sure love that guy!

Saying goodbye to Sister Stark and Nancy....they are the best!

Saying goodbye to my "daughter", Sister Oscarson!

Tracting in the rain with my new companion, Sister Cullimore!

Hello Talladega! It's absolutely gorgeous here.
We live next to a beautiful lake! There's always people to talk to!

Outside our Talladega church building :)

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