Monday, August 29, 2016

Visiting the Highest Point in Alabama and more.....

Hello everyone!

This week has been a busy week for us, full of ups and downs.

One exciting thing that happened this week was when we were at Oxford lake contacting people....we had five minutes before we had to head in for the night and we determined to talk to at least one more person. I saw a guy walking down the path with head phones on, and I stopped him and introduced ourselves. He said his name was Josh and he offered for us to sit on a bench to talk. Josh really opened up to us on his spirituality and we were able to exchange information so we could meet again. A few days later he texted us and asked to meet again and that he had questions about church. We had a really good second visit and he said that he was planning on coming to church...and he did! He stayed for all three hours and had a good experience. You never know what will come from a simple contact at the lake at 8:55pm!

Saturday we were able to visit the Morris family, who are members of the branch here in Talladega. They are such a fun family and we always enjoy seeing them. :)

For P-day today some members in the branch, the Loyd's, took us to a place called Cheaha State Park, in Delta, AL. Cheaha mountain is the highest elevation point in Alabama! It was SO beautiful! In the park we stopped at a gift ship, a small museum and look-out tower, a hiking trail, and a restaurant that was situated with a perfect view! What a great day!

Wishing everyone a blessed week with safety and prosperity.

All my love,
Sister Griffith

The Morris family and I! Love them!  
Welcome to Talladega!

Went to Cheaha State Park today...the highest point in Alabama at 2, 407 ft!

I decided to stretch that elevation as much as possible. :)

In the tower at Cheaha State Park...there was such a nice breeze!

The most beautiful views I've ever seen in Alabama!

The restaurant the members took us to....what a view!

I'm on top of the world in Alabama!

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