Sunday, December 1, 2013

Baby, it's cold outside

Happy December 1st!

The weather was been getting colder here (it's about time, Russia;), and we've started to enjoy some snow. It makes me so excited! I've never lived in a place that is snowy on a consistent basis in the winter!

Today we had a white "Thanksgiving." We celebrated today, instead of the 28th, because none of us had to teach. To eat, we ended up with: Chicken (yes, no turkey), mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad, deviled eggs, bread, and even a home-made apple pie. Yum! It was good (not as good as home, of course;) As we cooked, and decorated the apartment with Christmas decorations, we listened and sang to Christmas music...while watching it snow outside, and lounging in our pj's. Perfect? Yes.

Our meal was good. Afterwards we watched a Christmas movie, then took naps. What a great day!

Our decorations

Cooking our meal

The apple pie was amazing

Our picnic-style Thanksgiving meal

After the meal, napping with the lights off
The first day it snowed. This was at 7:50 am, some
day last week

Last night, walking home

This morning
Ballet weekend
This weekend I saw two ballets! Swan Lake, and the
Nutcracker. Both were awesome!
"Swan Lake" at Mikhailovsky Theater 

"The Nutcracker" at the Hermitage theater


We went to the Hermitage again this weekend. :)
This place is huge.

Sveta, Mckall, and I
(I apologize for the bad quality)
It's been a good weekend. Now back to teaching. We are doing lots of practice for our "Spectacle's" coming up. :)
Talk to you later,


  1. Dear Maegan: This is a really nice, lovely blog on your Thanksgiving Dinner and day spent with your ILP friends. As always you do a lovely job composing it. Love, Grandma Rogers