Wednesday, December 11, 2013

One week!

By this time next week I'll be on a Lufthansa airplane heading home. One week left!
I have only four more classes! Plus two Christmas "spectacle" performances. We've got lots going on making costumes and practicing the skits/songs with the kids. On our to-do list we also have deep-cleaning our supply cabinet, and starting the process of packing up our suitcases.
Here are some pictures I've taken recently. :)

The little kids and I, at Private 1. Don't you
love Donya's scowl?

Artium, Matvey, and Violet - Level 1

Seva, Ellya, Maxim, and Lera being silly
- Level 1

Trudging through snow everyday!

I love this sight 
Winter Palace, in the winter!! ;) 
We loved palace square in the snow 

St Isaac's in the snowy distance on the left
Peter Paul Fortress across the icy Neva
This past weekend we walked around the city, went to church, enjoyed Palace Square, and also went to a museum. This weekend we'll be going inside the Church on Spilled Blood, and who knows what else for our last free days here!
It has been pretty snowy here. What's funny, though, is that my hometown, who rarely gets snow, has been colder and gotten more snow than St Petersburg! Crazy. I love walking around while the snow peacefully falls. It's so beautiful!

I'll be sure to post again in a few days.

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  1. Dear Maegan, Not long ago I had your dad gather all of his Germany Mission souvenirs and pictures together and I made a picture album for him. Now I am putting together your Dad's fathers' genealogy book. I am sure you will want to make yourself a "ILP St. Petersburg, Russia" picture album. I know you will be very busy during this last week, but think about souvenirs you can bring home with you for your picture book (postcards, stamps, map, train tickets, picture of the train station and trains that you are riding). Love, Grandma Rogers