Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's finish this!

My last week here has been filled with doing my last SPE's, packing up, and preparing to go. Yesterday I also went to Nevskiy for the last time, to visit the Church on Spilled Blood.
The church was beautiful. It had mosaics covering all of the walls and even the high ceiling. It was surprisingly different on the inside compared to St Basil's (ironic because they look so similar on the outside.)
My last SPE with my Primary home group 
Christmas crafts!

Private 1. The best school!

Christmas tree at a church along Nevskiy

They have lights and decorations all around the city
The Church on Spilled Blood, or Resurrection Church:
Try to see if you can recognize bible stories on the walls

Sveta and I

Our last outing together!

Today I have been packing and writing down all the little things I need to remember to do! And tonight I am going out with my host family. I think we are getting sushi!
See you all soon,

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  1. Dear Maegan, At age 18, world traveler, flying by yourself half way around the world to Russia, not speaking the language, you started your young adulthood with a bang!!! This is December 16, 2013. You will be home in 2 days your mom says. Perhaps you can maintain friendships (say with Sveta) by letters if you wished. See you this next Saturday at the Family Christmas get-together. Love, Grandma Rogers