Thursday, September 26, 2013

Laundry, books, and street fights

Brace yourself. This is probably going to be the most random post in history. I have a bunch of different material to share, so why not jam it all into one? Here we go.

A couple of days ago I did some laundry, with the help of my host grandma. I have done laundry before, and I thought that this time would be just the same as the last. But alas, 'twas not.

I started with a load of my white clothing, separated from my darks. It was thrown in the washer with a few different items, we set the dial, and things were going good. All the while, I was vacuuming and cleaning my room. It felt so great to pick things up...I hadn't noticed how dirty my room had gotten! Well, over an hour passed and then finally my laundry was done. Yay, clean laundry! I went and opened up the washing machine to find some of my nice, white shirts dyed a light blue/gray color. Apparently one of my blue shirts, or the blue sheets my host grandma added in, made the color change. Luckily a few of my white shirts managed to go untouched, but three of them, plus my socks, are no longer snow-white but baby-blue.

I could tell my host grandma felt bad, and she looked at me for my reaction. Inside I was saying, "Oh great! You have a limited wardrobe and now some of your clothes have been dyed!" Then I thought, "You can either have a bad attitude about it, or realize that this is part of the adventure living abroad."

I decided to laugh the whole thing off, waving my hand and smiling at my host grandma. She still looked at me with questioning eyes, and I said, "It's alright!" She couldn't understand what I said, but with my body language knew I wasn't mad.

After the clothes finished hang-drying, I laughed as I put them away, seeing the items a tinted blue. Here are some pictures showing you how we dry our clothes. This is right in the front you walk in the front door, and have to duck under the clothes lines. My host grandma will take the lines down when we are not doing laundry. Pretty funny though, don't you think? All of your laundry--shirts, pants, socks, and underwear--hung up on display.

You can see my blue tinted clothes hung up on the right 
Standing at the front door, this is what you see.
You can also see my room there.

With all the time I spend on the metro/escalators, buses, and walking, I need some entertainment. I didn't have an ipod, kindle, or any other fancy device to bring with me here. Luckily, though, I have my knowledge of the English language (good thing since I'm here to teach English...) which allows me to read.

At the head teachers apartment, we have a whole shelf full of books left from past volunteers. I decided on a whim to grab one and ever since have really enjoyed the time I've had to read. It is especially nice since my host grandparents don't have internet, and books give me a source of entertainment. So far I have read "A Proper Pursuit", and this morning just finished "Ann of the Wild Rose Inn." Both books were olden-time romantic novels (haha.) Now I'm searching for a new book on the shelf.

Street fights
Ah, something that probably perked your attention, right? Well here's the story.

I left the head teacher's apartment to walk home after a long day. It was past 10 pm, sprinkling, and a little chilly out. Like always I was being cautious, wearing my travel belt, and being aware of my surroundings. I got out of the apartment building and started walking down the street. I was just starting to pass the grocery store on the corner, when suddenly I heard some commotion. I think a fender-bender, or some other small accident, happened. The guy stopped his car right in the middle of the parking lot, got out, and started yelling at another guy. Then it all went down-hill, and it was like an exciting scene in a book......

"Dmitri stepped out his car and slammed the door shut, eyeing the man ten feet away who had backed into his car. He started yelling at him, asking the fool why he was so careless. The man started arguing back, blaming him for the dent in his car. Rain continued to fall, as they yelled back and forth and started closing in on the distance between them. Dmitri was the first one to strike. Slamming the other man onto the cold, wet pavement. He leapt on top of him, craving another hit with anger. The other man fought back. Their fists continued aiming for each others jaws and stomachs, going at it with all their might. Soon the noise attracted the attention of other men, who came over and tried to break up the fight. Dmitri was pulled out of the tangled mess by one of the by standing men, shocked by a hard blow to his face, but still full of anger towards the other man..."

That's all how it went down in my head (hope you enjoyed my dramatic, story-telling side of it, haha.) Never before have I seen a "real" fight. I was actually walking straight toward them, until I realized what was happening and hopped on the sidewalk to bypass them. I stared as the whole thing unfolded, but kept walking quickly on my way because the situation was scary. Haha. But you can see I came out if it just fine, and with a fun story to tell.

For the past four days it has been overcast and rainy. Streets and sidewalks are full of pot-holes, which creates a game against you and the have to constantly watch where you're walking or else you will end up in a puddle.

It has been fun walking down the street, umbrella in hand. But when the wind picks up, it starts another game of "how well can you control your umbrella as it flaps in the wind?"

Anyway. Yesterday the weather forecast said: "47 F, feels like 37 F, Cloudy." A little chilly, I'd say, for it being the end of September. Although those temperatures aren't as bad as I thought they'd be.

Random pictures

Another foggy morning, looking out my
bedroom window

Looking out my window on a cloudy night

Posing with the city lights, on the little
balcony outside the kitchen

My bed sheets/pillow case/blanket was a
blue flowery pattern before, but I now have this pink
design, upon my host grandma changing it out.
Haha. Thought it is kind of funny.
Well that is it for now. Dasvedanya.


  1. Those sheets are hilarious!!! They are like character sheets for adults!!! Lol Be so careful walking around by yourself, especially at night!! That part freaked me out a bit. ;-)

  2. Oh my on those sheets, lol!! I've never seen such a thing over here! I'm glad you took your clothes turning blue with a sense of humor! :)

    1. Those aren't just the sheets...they are my blanket cover and pillow case to!! haha

  3. Dear Maegan, Are you going to buy a very warm coat before you actually need it? Would your host grandma go with you to help select a nice coat? Hope to see a pretty Russian fur hat on your head that will cover your ears against the very cold, windy days and nights. I suppose the only way for people to dry their clothes with such cold, snowy, windy winters is to hang out their wash inside their apartments. Try not to walk alone by yourself after dark. God bless you and keep you safe. Grandma Rogers

    1. Grandma, I brought a small coat, and a parka, with me so I should be set. :) I do need winter boots, though, for when it gets snowy. I have already told my host mom, and she will go with me when the time comes. I am planning on buying a Russian fur hat, it surely will be very warm. :) I do try to not walk when it's dark, although it is hard with my busy schedule! Good thing my walk home isn't very long. One girl has to travel by metro to get home!