Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thoughts on walking and my future

Walking: a great form of exercise, gets you out in the fresh air, and nourishes the soul. I loved to take walks. Upon being here though, I now realize how little of it I did back home. I owned my little blue Honda accord, and with it buzzed around to work, to town, and to friends houses. Walking just wasn't in my day-to-day schedule (to the mailbox was about it most days...) Why walk when you can drive and get everywhere so much faster?

Today I spent an hour walking just to and from the metro station. I walked to the metro (going to church), walked back from the metro (to the head teachers apartment)....a couple hours later left again to the metro (to go explore the city), and walked back again. All of that walking doesn't include the time I spent walking from my apartment, and going to and from my host family's for dinner! And I still have to walk about 13 minutes to get home tonight.

All of this walking was hard at first (my feet weren't used to it) and somewhat annoying. But I am now appreciating the walking that I get to do everyday. And I specifically love going out in the crisp mornings.

For Europeans walking is something they do everyday. Don't get me wrong...tons of people own cars (including my host family) and use that for transportation, but walking and the metro are pretty darn popular as well. And I like it. As I previously said, at first is was slightly annoying (and still is sometimes when you're tired), but it makes me feel alive. And European. What a great mixture. ;)

I'm now determined to walk more once I'm home in the US. When you've got the right shoes, and the right attitude, it's guaranteed to be satisfying.

I am taking to note that I'm writing this post in September; and that by the time December rolls around and I'm dealing with wind, snow, and who knows what else on my daily walks...I might just have a different point of view. ;)

On a different some of you know, I wanted this trip to somehow inspire me in knowing where I want to take my future, and what to do with my life. While I do know the kind of person I want to be, I don't quite know yet which path I want to take. I have a vague vision of it...but as far as my plans for 2014 goes, it's still up in the air. This whole subject has been on my mind a lot for the past week. I do know that I would love to do another semester with ILP. I was originally really wanting to do Thailand in the summer of 2014, but I have found out that the Thailand school is all filled up for the next year. So what to do?

My thirst for travel may actually take me to China in 2014. I am considering the Fall semester, applying as a head teacher. I could go in the Spring, but that would give me 1 month in between trips...and that isn't much time to spend with my family, or to work and save up money! If I go in the Fall, I will have 8 months to hang out, work (I probably will get a second guard, anyone?), and prepare for the trip. Although I have in no way made up my mind yet! Who knows...I may end up taking a completely different route. But this is something I'm considering.

What do ya'll think? Any messages of wisdom? Suggestions? What do you think I should do with my life? All I know is that I'm young...single...and already living one of my dreams. The possibilities are endless! ;)

I want to add that while the subject of my future has been on my mind recently (and even stressed me out a bit)...I've had to say to myself, "Stop! Wait! Look around. Realize where you are. Remember how long you worked for this, and how long you waited. You are living in Eastern Europe. You are having the time of your life. Don't worry so much about the future that you miss what you have today: the present."



  1. Hey Maegan! Just now catching up on your blog:) i've been having the same thoughts too and i'm thinking of going to China fall 2014 too! That would be awesome if we head taught together! I'm loving all your posts! Love you and hope you're having fun! :)

  2. Hello! Okay, so I'm trying to figure I know you in person? Lol Or did you stumble upon my blog across the internet? And where did you first go with ILP? :)

    Thank you for loving my posts! ;) Haha. It's nice to know that people read them!