Sunday, September 8, 2013

Weekend fun

I've had a fun weekend! A few of us girls went out on our own last night to experience some of the city near dark. And today we went out with Sveta to see more sights! Here are the pics!

A famous cathedral. We happened to walk
in right in the middle of a service. The
singing and lighting was beautiful!

Russian sunset on the Neva River

Experiencing Russian nightlife

 "Surfing" on the surprisingly empty metro
(the only reason I could do this is because
it was late at night and we go to the last stop,
so there was no people on board!)

Having fun!

St Pete's metro map. Really
easy to learn! We are the last
stop on the orange line (on the
right side of the page)

Having a lovely day with a wax figure

Couldn't resist taking this photo of sun
bathers next to a famous monument (Peter
Paul Fortress)

Peter Paul Catheral

The area inside the Peter Paul Fortress

 Gardens around the Neva

Beautiful buildings (see if you can spot
any famous landmarks peeping out)

There are ALWAYS weddings going on here!
Here is a couple taking pictures next to the Neva
(yes I like to take "creeper" photos)

Can't remember what this monument is called!

Happy Sunday.


  1. love the photos, Maegan. Keep them coming :)

  2. Hey sweetie!! You know your mama (and the rest of us LOVES seeing your days and nights there in Russia). I only wish I could experience even a little bit of it with you!! All of these blog posts and pics can become a fun journal for you later on.

  3. Maegan, You adventuresome girl! The body of water in the picture (post of Sept 6) was the Baltic Sea wasn't it? The map on your blog says St. Petersburg is right next to the Baltic. After you get more comfortable with your classes, I would like to hear more about the children and how you are teaching them, their progress. Love you lots. Grandmother Nancy Rogers.

    1. Yes I was able to see the Baltic, and will see if many times again! Very neat. Thanks for your support and comments!