Friday, September 6, 2013

The past week

The past week (and 3 days) I've been here has had it ups and downs. Thrown into an entirely new situation, language, and culture was hard. Spending a ton of time trying to plan lessons and get into the groove of things was tiring (and I'm still going through this.) I've experienced stress and disappointment, and not to mention homesickness!

Also the "G20" is happening here (an important world leader convention), which made some of us a little nervous...especially when at the head teachers apartment one morning, three Russian officers stopped by to check the girls passports and other things. The officials are on high alert with foreigners because of the meeting here in St Pete's. But they came and left just fine. ILP advised that we (safely) take our necessary documents around town with us, in case we were stopped by a patrol. Luckily it's all been fine!

Okay, so those were some of the "downs." Now for some "ups":

I'm really starting to enjoy my time here! I have finally got through my first week of teaching, and with time it's going to be smooth sailing. I've got the metro down like a pro. Exchanging money isn't a problem, there is a desk right inside the grocery store with no fee.

I'm also enjoying getting to the know the group of girls I'm with. They are all great, and we've been 100% drama free. Which is nice.

I'm excited today (Friday), because I am done teaching for the day, and all of us for the rest of the day (okay, after we are done taking naps and spending time on our laptops) we will go explore somewhere. And we have all day Saturday to explore as well. And Sunday, if we wanted to (although we probably will be getting lessons ready.)

I teach at 3 different schools. For one of them, "Private 1", I teach with one other girl (Lauren) and we leave at 7:30 am and get there around 9:05am, just a little while before we have to start our lessons. It is a lot of walking, metro time, and some time on a bus. Anyway. That's were I went today. And after our lessons are done, we go with the other Russian school ladies and take the kids to the park across the street. The last time we were there, I noticed a stretch of blue in the distance, and didn't know if it was a river or just a fence. Well today we had time to check it out, and this is what we found........

 The BALTIC SEA?! I could be wrong, but I'm
pretty darn sure it was!

This one is edited to highlight my
excitement on being at the beach! ;)
Having a good time!
Early this week - a foggy Russian morning!
I walk through this park everyday.

My apartment is the tall one on the right
(if you can see it!)

We eat lunch at school. Here is what we
had today! Yum! 

This is in our neighborhood (I walk on this corner
daily.) We refer to this as "Pigeon Land."

Hope your past week was good and that you enjoy reading about mine!

Till next time,



  1. Can I tell you, I check your blog first thing in the morning when I wake up! It's ALWAYS fun to hear about your adventures there. I agree you should keep your passport with you at the moment, then guard it with your life so it's not stolen. You'll have to find out for sure if that was the Baltic Sea. Love you!!

  2. I am trying to understand the process of sending you a message but have failed the last two weeks. Mary is here to show me how to do it. Grandma Nancy Rogers.

    1. Yay!! You figured it out Nancy!! :) Glad Mary got over there to help you!

  3. Maegan, now I will try to send this note by myself without Mary here. I was on the phone with your mom and she was trying to get me through it. It didn't work. Her screen was different from mine. Mary came to return my pressure canner she borrowed. I grabbed her when I had the chance. I found out why I wasn't successful because I was not signed in yet to get started. I have been checking your site every morning. Everything you write is interesting; keep it up. One question I have is about the money. Do you have a checking account there with American money, then you exchange the dollars at the grocery store like you described? Can you receive regular mail if we send you something? Are your summer nice and cool or very warm?

    1. Glad you figured out how to comment! :) With money, I have my checking account at home and brought my debit card. I can use it at an ATM or pay with it at places that accept Visa. I also brought US cash with me, and can exchange that at exchange place.

      I believe I can get regular mail, although it is pricey.

      The weather here is still a little hot during the day, it definitely is pretty pleasant. Although it can be chillier in the mornings and evenings. :)

  4. It looks like you're having an awesome time, to be honest I am really jealous of you right now. I'm actually thinking of doing this next fall, maybe though.:)

    1. Thanks for your comments, Rachel! I enjoy hearing from you. Yes I'm having a good time! Some things have definitely been stressful (which is to be expected), but being here and seeing the sights is awesome! :)